Limitations of Forensic Science

Keywords: forensic research limitations, forensic science strengths

Over the past decades, Forensic knowledge has changed and has been embraced by most states as a essential constituent of modern legal practice. It really is widely used in courts as a significant source for the results of your verdict. Forensic knowledge has achieved a merit of its own although it is relatively new in the jurisprudence world. As technology and science have evolved with time, more and new methodologies and techniques in law world have been proven. In USA (U. S. ) specifically, the use of utilizing forensic analysis has turned into a routine (Adam, 2009).

Statement of the problem

This survey explores the utilization of forensic research and DNA in the judicial functions, its strengths and limitations.

Admissibility and Usage of Forensic Proof in Courts.

Over the previous generations, forensic evidences took part in the search for justice to individuals who have been convicted for offences and also as a web link to suspects. It has been cited as a fallible source unlike the eye witnesses.

The rate of which forensic evidence is utilized in legal courts will depend on the kind of offence. For example, for murder instances forensic science proof is presented almost always. In criminal circumstances, a prosecution team commissions the majority of the forensic projects. On the other hand, the legal team of the accused can commission forensic tasks to struggle or check the prosecution's forensic data or to determine the innocence of the defendant.

Forensic data has empowered to web page link offenders with their victims and crime displays using physical proof and also in identifying individuals without peer. With perspiration, a fleck of bloodstream, saliva over a cup's rim, a bit of hair among others has been efficiently used to web page link a suspect to a criminal offense. Innocent and wrongly accused individuals have been exonerated using such evidences. Persons who have been jailed for years have later been exonerated after DNA research has been completed to demonstrate their innocence.

To yield positive results, criminal offense laboratories have enforced professionalism, adopted reliable types of procedures and coordinated with both the legal and the medical communities. Presently, for a scientific system to be accepted before a court docket, the evidence derived from it does not have to undergo a recommended test. For future admissibility of methodical evidence in courtroom to be molded, development of more newer and advanced forensic tools and techniques is being embraced as technology and time progresses. Thus, courts are ever more relying more on technological evidence to deliver a common sense.

Problems Associated with Forensic Knowledge and DNA Information.

Evidences of forensic science should be neutral. Experts should not have any stake in the case outcome though this is not always the situation. Numerous deficiencies have threatened to limit forensic services to the society and also have therefore weakened its presumed medical foundation. Here are some of the major problems in forensic knowledge and DNA assessment:

  • Astounding Occurrence of Cross-Contamination and Test Mix-Ups

A surprisingly high rate of problems in the lab is one of the emerging problems which involves cross-contamination and mix-up of DNA samples. Such errors seem to be persistent and crop up even in the approved DNA labs. The forensic experts though have were able to reduce such occasions and thus the pace of DNA evaluating errors have been stated to be low thus negligible, but growing data suggests in any other case.

  • Bad Laboratories

Uneven condition of forensic DNA labs is another recognized chronic problem. Labs differ significantly in the treatment with that they authenticate their methods and the severe nature with that they are completed. Procedures that are used religiously in quality guarantee and quality control in a few laboratories are disregarded or used constantly in others. Bad laboratories will always be there but diagnosis of these shoddy work has always been sophisticated (Neubauer, 2009), . It is because such labs are in jurisdictions which have traditionally safeguarded criminal offenses labs from external examination. For example according to Strutin: "It really is now regarded that the Houston Law enforcement Department (HPD) Criminal offenses laboratory performed grossly insufficient incompetent and biased DNA and serology improve well over ten years before a team of tv journalists exposed the issues in later 2002.

  • Dishonest DNA Analysts

Test results are at times falsified by deceitful DNA Analysts. This emerging problem has led to the experts faking test outcome to hide errors which come up from sample mix-ups and cross-contamination of DNA samples.

  • Connecting the data and the suspect

Nuclear DNA evaluation being an exception, there is absolutely no other forensic method that has seriously shown the capability to persistently, with a higher degree of guarantee, exhibit a connection between a specific individual or source and the evidence. For example, fingerprint analyses have significantly more available research and normal protocols than for bite grades analysis. There are also notable variants within the disciplines. For instance, all fingerprints data is not equally good reason being that the conviction of a true value information is the latent fingerprint image quality. These disparities within and between the forensic systems disciplines bring to light a serious problem in the forensic community.

Inadequate legal counsel is another significant problem DNA testing won't solve. Occasionally, security counsel never consulted scientific experts.

DNA Analysis in the forensic knowledge is going for a slow swiftness on its street to admissibility. Inadequate funds are apparent using jurisdictions plus they therefore cannot send research what to private labs or establish own laboratory. Labs that perform tests have often got backlogs assessed in months. An excellent burden is imposed by protection counsel, prosecutors and courts on lab's amount of time in discovery battles that often transpire whenever there are future new techniques on forensic scenes.

Though valuable forensic DNA facts can be found in decades old samples, the DNA left in scenes of criminal offenses can be influenced by factors like: natural light, bacterias, moisture and warmth among others. Because of this, such DNA may not be used to give evidence and just like the fingerprints, analysts won't use DNA screening to give the period of time when a suspect was at the picture of criminal offenses or at what time the think was there.

Exoneration Based on DNA Evidence

Cases that would have been impossible to prosecute before the arrival of DNA typing are actually prosecuted. Several areas created DNA data bases on offenders that are known that they compare against unsettled offences. Matches are provided from their databases which assist to successfully prosecute a small number of them.

Persons wrongly convicted are exonerated by use of DNA which is referred to as a legislative reform motion. Convictions can be successfully challenged using DNA research on existing research. To ensure that testimony and results can withstand rigorous examination and they are of high caliber, high expectations are retained for the collection and preserving of research. DNA strategy of testing must meet precise methodical criteria for accuracy and reliability and stability.

In future, we expect miniaturized portable instrumentation to provide criminal offenses scene analysis that'll be computer-link remote research. This will allow quick identification and rapid eradication of innocent suspects. Option of markers will also be needed to identify physical characteristics of the DNA contributor. Using this information, it'll be easy to filter a suspect search with increase in efficiency and correctness of operation.


It is clear that the United States justice system is determined by the utilization of natural science-based forensic facts, and admissibility is merely one of the steps evidence must satisfy to be used in the justice system. Soon, it's very likely that the admissibility of research as data will be challenged in america Supreme Courtroom as technology develops and allows analysts to gain correct results and understanding of the body. Currently, it is prematurily. to determine if the Federal Rules of Evidence are outdated, however this will not mean that the construct of the legislation shouldn't be reexamined. Forensic examination, though questionable in many aspects, constitutes a primary way to obtain information for the tier of reality when identifying a verdict for an instance. Thus, natural science-based forensic information should be carefully studied and examined extensively for justice to be properly achieved.

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