Observation Of Anatomy OF AN Pigs Center Physical Education Essay

The purposes because of this test is observe and identify the external and interior anatomy of a mammalian (pig) heart and soul, and attract and label the structure yourself.


The heart can be an important pump organ that animals possess in a few forms. Mammalian heart consisted of four chambers, kept atrium, still left ventricle, right atrium and right ventricle, however, Lane, R. (2010a) explained that the amphibian only includes one ventricle and two atriums; so that its capacity to transport air will be weaker than humans. Furthermore, there is no connection between your departed and right chamber, as a result of muscular wall septum that separates them into two halves. Valve are available between ventricles and atria, they are really one-way, and their function is controlling blood circulation. Moreover, the function of heart and soul is to go blood around, and offer abundant oxygenated blood supply to each organ and tissues, to be able to offers air exchange for carbon dioxide and nourishment, and take away the misuse metabolic products, such as, skin tightening and (CO2).

The coronary artery is a blood vessel that occurs in the groove on the front of the heart, its branches multiply across the entry and back part of the heart, their function is to provide oxygenated blood and diet to the muscle of the heart and soul (Lane, 2010a), the myocardium.

The pulmonary artery is a blood vessels vessel that leads from the right ventricle, and carries blood vessels to the lungs to get oxygen (Street, 2010a). Pulmonary veins are being used to move the oxygenated blood back again to the kept atrium, which is then pumped, via the Aorta around the body (Lane, 2010a).

Lane, R. (2010a) stated that, aorta, is the major vessel located near the right atria and behind the pulmonary arteries to the lung. According to Losos, et al (2008), the aorta which is branches carry blood vessels to every part of the body, taking oxygenated bloodstream from the still left ventricle.

The inferior and superior Vena Cava, are veins on the left side off of the heart, both of these functions by hooking up to the right atrium, and the deoxygenated bloodstream can make contact with the lungs via the right ventricle (Street, 2010a), which is called circulatory system, shown in Shape 1 (Lane, 2010b).

Figure 1 The Circulatory System (Street, 2010b)

The bicuspid valve, is situated between the still left atrium and the remaining ventricle, and control buttons blood to move the best way only, from the left atrium to the left ventricle preventing back move (Medterms, 2010). However, another valve, which called tricuspid valve, located between the right atrium and the right ventricle, the function of it is to prevent bloodstream backflow from the right ventricle back into the right atrium (The Free Dictionary, 2010).



Fresh pig heart and soul, dissectiontray, forceps, scalpel, scissors, slicing board


A4 paperwork, HB pencils, ruler, pens, eraser

The center was positioned in a dissecting skillet and evaluated; a slender membrane located at the lower two ventricles of the heart and soul is called pericardium.

The color of heart and soul was light red, included in some of bloodstream and white material (lipid), about 0. 25kg weight; and the size was about 13 x 10 x 7cm.

The pericardium cannot be removed; it was about 1mm thick.

The apex is the low tip of heart, and the kept ventricle, was lengthened completely to the apex.

The apex was red colour and on the lower area of the heart and soul.

The still left ventricle couldn't see at the top of heart.

The heart was located in the dissecting pan, with the major arteries on the top and the apex down. The groove was observed in forward of the heart and was lengthened from the right area of the wide-ranging end of the heart diagonally to a point above and the left of the apex.

The texture of heart and soul was elastic and clean.

Compared with the surface of the center, the groove was marginally protruding.

The groove consisted of several red and purple vessels.

The chambers were located and seen:

The remaining atrium was on the upper chamber to student's right.

The still left ventricle was on the low chamber to student's right part.

The right atrium was located as top of the chamber to the student's still left.

The right ventricle was the low chamber to the student's kept side.

The blood vessels were discovered at the wide-ranging end of the heart and soul.

The arteries were about 3cm vast.

The external framework of heart was drawn.

The framework of external was shown in amount 2 (Cao, 2010).

The area of the pulmonary artery was trim using scissors, an incision was sustained down into the right ventricle. The reducing line was enough to undergo the wall membrane of the heart and soul chamber, and was above and parallel to the groove.

The pulmonary artery was soft and slim, it was easy to slice.

Compared with the pulmonary artery, the muscular wall membrane was thicker and difficult to trim.

The center was opened up at the chop with fingers, and the internal structure was examined.

The inside of the heart was light red colorization and fattiness, containing materials and muscular wall space inside.

There were several bits of deep red dried bloodstream inside the heart and soul, almost black jelly; these were rinsed by the faucet running.

The thin muscular wall structure of getting chamber was located as the right atrium.

The slimmer muscular wall was about 1cm, and the texture of computer was clean.

The inferior and superior cava type in this chamber and located, and the valves were observed.

The superior cava on the top right atrium, and the inferior cava located on the lower right atrium. The superior cava is connecting to the right atrium.

The tricuspid valve was located between the right atrium and right ventricle.

It contains three leaflets and possessed long fibers of connective cells (chordae tendinae) that was attached it to the papillary muscles of the heart and soul (Lane, 2010).

The thickness of the right ventricle which is smooth lining was sensed by fingers. The web work of abnormal muscular cords on the internal wall of this chamber was mentioned.

The thickness of the right ventricle was about 3cm.

The muscular cords take place between the upper muscle and the low muscle inside the right ventricle.

The septum was on the right aspect of the right ventricle, which muscular wall was separated the left and right pumping ventricles from each other.

The septum was red coloring, and about 1. 5cm.

The pulmonary artery was located on the inside of the right ventricle. The one-way valve - pulmonary valve was found.

The pulmonary valve located between your right ventricle and the pulmonary artery, and contains three leaflets.

The internal framework of heart and soul was attracted.

The center was then cut on the outside of the still left atrium downward left ventricle; slicing from the apex to the septum at the center groove, using scissors. The heart and soul was pushed available.

Compared with the right atrium, the thickness of kept atrium was thicker and it was about 2. 5cm, and the still left ventricle was about 1. 5cm.

There were several bits of dried bloodstream inside the heart, and was rinsed by the faucet running.

The still left atrium was reviewed, and the starting of the pulmonary veins from the lung was revealed, the semi-lunar valves at entry to these veins were detected.

The semi-lunar valves contains two valves, and a half-lunar opening was found between them.

The shade of semi-lunar valves was red, and about 1mm thick.

The valve, located between your remaining atrium and the still left atrium, is named bicuspid.

The two parts of the valve were seen, it was red colour and had smooth surface, and the diameter of it was about 3cm.

The left ventricle was evaluated. The thickness of the ventricular wall structure was recognized.

The thickness of the ventricular wall was about 3cm, and possessed smooth surface.

The kept ventricle was slice toward the aorta and the valve was revealed used a scissors.

Three flaps or leaflets on this valve leading from the left ventricle into the aorta were counted, and their half-moon condition was noted, this is named aortic valve, that was red colour, about 1mm thick.

The composition of interior was shown in number 3 (Cao, 2010).


All labeled diagrams can be seen in the excess paper.


At the start of this experiment, a fully tagged diagram was downloaded from the Internet (Hbaike, 2009). However, the arteries, such as, the coronary artery and pulmonary artery were easily to seen, so that it was difficult to verify the front area. Moreover, the number of muscular cords inside was less than the other students. This can be brought on by careless dissection of slicing the right ventricle, severing them unintentionally. Additionally, the heart which used to see was not fresh enough, such that it may influenced the color or the areas of muscles.

A fully tagged diagram and a detailed translation of the procedure were prepared before the experiment, so a clear understanding and the functions and the heart's composition, was achieved.


In final result, this dissection illustrated the external and the internal structures of your pig center, the functions of every important part were mentioned in the release, and the tagged diagrams are shown in the results.

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