Past Present And Future Of Mcdonalds Marketing Essay

McDonalds is the greatest chain of fast food restaurant that specializes to make quality hamburgers worldwide. This junk food chain restaurant has over 62 restaurants worldwide using its existence in over 41 countries. McDonalds is employed in different initiatives worldwide that define its Corporate Friendly Responsibility (CSR). CSR demands companies to act in a dependable manner socially while carrying their mandate to the general public. In addition, CSR also includes the company's communal behavior while dealing with others and business partners who do business with it. McDonald's therefore owes plenty of responsibility in its procedures socially to the general public as well as its tactical business lovers.

The string restaurant also works several franchises which imply it deals with several proper business partners. The increase in public awareness has brought CSR in to the limelight as companies seek to include this public responsibility it its ideas. McDonald's has a number of CSR powered activities and strategies that shall be considered in this paper

The goal of this research paper is to consider the past, present as well as the future Corporate Public Responsibility and business ethics that McDonalds has towards the surroundings. McDonald's has exposed many different shops and franchised several fast food restaurant outlet stores as well. This therefore implies that it must consider its interpersonal responsibility towards the environment as it seeks to expand into the new market. Corporate and business Social Responsibility often gives the company an advantage against its rivals.

In conclusion, the newspaper will consider some of the CSR and business ethic strategies presently utilized by McDonalds while doing its business. McDonalds has also initiated various programs aimed at developing its CSR way beyond the longer term. Thus, the business is determined towards providing its communal responsibility to the marketplace and the immediate environs. It really is thus suggested that McDonalds should associates with other likeminded junk food restaurants to be able to deliver its CSR in the future. McDonalds should also compare its business ethics with those of other companies and ensure that it's together with other company's business ethics. This will likely aid in providing a highly effective CSR.


Executive Brief summary 1

Introduction 3

Aim and Goal 3

Situation Evaluation 4

Factors and Talk 4

Values 4

Sustainable supply string 5

Nutrition and wellbeing 6

Environmental responsibility 7

Employment experience 8

Community responsibility 9

Conclusion 10

Recommendation 11

Works Cited 12


This survey will help McDonalds in discovering its primary CSR strategies that will propel its business goals in to the future. The report also identifies the business enterprise ethics that McDonalds has practiced as time passes and the impact of the business ethics to its strategic lovers and customers. This survey is thus an signal of how well McDonalds is delivering its CSR and business ethics.

McDonalds being the world's most significant hamburger chain fast food restaurant owes the surroundings a great deal in terms of its Corporate Social Responsibility. The environment in this case means its customers, business associates as well as the public at large. The organization has played a sizable role before towards conserving the environment.

In addition, McDonalds goes on to develop a sustainable resource chain for the benefit of its suppliers and distributors thus making certain there is constant move of business. McDonalds CSR revolves around sustainability. It is because the firm recognizes that through sustainability, it will be in a position to get regular products that it uses to make the hamburgers and also other fast food products. Sustainability also helps McDonalds in the sense that it'll be able to maintain its distribution sites, thus benefiting a complete chain of vendors and suppliers.

Aim and Purpose

This article on the CSR and business ethics for McDonalds will help the management and professionals in the panel of McDonalds to raised deliver their CSR to their strategic business partners and the general public generally. The report also illuminates areas that perhaps McDonalds should consider incorporating into its CSR arrange for the next operating 12 months.

This article shall assume certain factors. First of all, that McDonalds CSR is even throughout all the countries which it operates junk food restaurants in. subsequently, the survey shall also believe that the CSR and business ethics that McDonalds has integrated and will put into action have gained standard acceptance amidst its business lovers, customers and the general public generally.

The limitations to this study are the fact that some of the CSR strategies that McDonalds has carried out are hard to measure. Most of the business ethics can only just be described but cannot be measured in definite terms. In fact, McDonalds cannot set up the extent of success it has achieved before in regard to the CSR strategies.

Situation Analysis

In every single country, McDonalds has thrives to build up a menu that will fit the likes and culture of individuals in those countries. This has made McDonalds unique in its delivery of fine and quality junk food products. Its CSR strategies have helped it to identify the needs of folks within these areas and develop junk food solutions that best works with their needs. McDonalds is thus mindful of its customers' diverse needs.

In addition, McDonalds strives to promote healthy diets that advantage its customer. Research reveals that fast food products aren't good for the health, specifically for the heart as well as the liver. However, McDonalds disputes this by growing and making junk food products that are clear of cholesterol, fat that triggers cardiac diseases.

The firm has also won several honors in environment conservation and occupation sensitivity. McDonalds does not have any gender inequality whilst using its personnel from the regions where it offers expanded. The business desires to have trained and retrained all its employees in their individual fields by the end of 2012 (May, Cheney and Roper, p. 32). Relating to a worker at the junk food restaurant in Europe, McDonalds is perhaps the best workplace and always listens to the needs and demands of the personnel; "the employment environment is someone to perish for. "

Factors and Discussion

This section will identify the many CSR strategies that McDonalds has carried out in the past, present and the continuing future of these strategies. The factors are identifies in the ensuing paragraphs.


McDonald's core ideals are all targeted at promoting the organization Social Responsibility of the firm. This is achieved through supplying value to the customers, the supply chain as well as the other business lovers with whom McDonalds will business. McDonalds indeed acknowledges the actual fact that its customers are the reason behind its success and lifestyle. Therefore, the customers are extremely much appreciated within the business. The company thus strives to make a warm and inviting environment because of its customers.

Secondly, McDonalds values its employees and areas that it is committed on the career progress and development of its employees through a comprehensive training plan. This is perhaps the greatest CSR that McDonalds has. McDonalds believes in empowering and valuing the employees for increased determination from them and their ongoing success.

McDonalds also sustains high business ethics and therefore conducts its business with high moral requirements (Fisher and Lovell, p. 33). The company conducts its business with high integrity, honesty and fairness for many its customers and suppliers.

McDonalds also prices the community in which it runs and strives to provide back to the society through sponsoring various community initiatives such as education. McDonalds is convinced in making the earth a much better place (Johnson and Turner, p. 112).

McDonalds being a public company prices doing profitable business with all its stakeholders. The company therefore lays much focus on profitable business while enforcing its business ethics across all its subsidiaries. That is achieved through maintaining high ethical criteria.

McDonalds always aims to stand out in whatever field it undertakes to use in. continuous improvement is achieved within the business through extended training and innovation. Thus, McDonalds has grown to become the world's greatest fast food string of restaurants through its determination towards obtaining its CSR as well as keeping good business ethics. According to Richardson (p. 16), McDonalds has achieved much success through its good will initiatives worldwide, hence many customers identify with the positive area of the business.

Sustainable supply chain

McDonald's suppliers are required to abide by the strict Code of Do which increases the supply chain ensuring that the fast food giant gets the very best quality products as raw material for setting up the junk food restaurants. The firm values its source chain in such a manner that there is no way a poor quality product can access the firm's development unit.

In addition, there are inspections and balances to ensure that only the best raw materials are used to prepare fast food products. These bank checks and balances often involve empowering the suppliers to provide quality products through training programs. In 2007, McDonalds established a strong source chain section which means that the quality specifications because of its suppliers are continuously met by the suppliers (Hanekamp, p. 14). The complexity of the resource string requires that McDonalds retains a highly effective communication among its suppliers to be able to resolve and avert problems at an early on stage.

McDonalds always purchases its products from suppliers who only adhere to the proven code of carry out thus ensuring continuing quality requirements adherence (Gitman and McDaniel, p. 34). Furthermore, McDonalds always aims to promote a supply chain that is positively supporting the surroundings. Thus, the resource chain of the junk food giant usually does not have any adverse effect on the surroundings.

McDonalds therefore helps an environment-friendly source chain. The resource chain also is aimed at promoting an optimistic economic impact on the suppliers and the immediate beneficiaries. Matching to Crowther and Rayman-Bacchus (p. 42), a highly effective supply chain is one where suppliers obtain well-timed information that will allow them be able to succeed in delivering the best products for the junk food giant.

Andersen (p. 24) shows that McDonalds requires improving efficiency of its resource chain and minimizing the bottleneck so that the Small and Medium Corporations within countries where McDonalds operates might be able to benefit from the living of McDonalds.

Nutrition and wellbeing

McDonalds is always focused on the wellbeing of its customers through producing fast food products which have no undesirable health effects on the customers. The company uses the rigorous advice of its diet experts. There have been concerns about overweight that McDonalds has used very seriously and strived to avoid producing fast food products that may lead to obesity among its customers.

Moreover, McDonalds also promoted doing exercises as part of the health advertising program it started in 1998 (Ferrel, Ferrell and Fraedrich, p. 18). Working out is an critical activity that McDonalds acknowledges could decrease the health effects of fast foods. Diet experts also advice that eating junk food products is not bad for one's health for so long as they certainly enough exercises.

McDonalds promotes customer to make quality selections regarding its junk food products that will advantage their health. The firm discourages eating for the sake of it and insists on encouraging healthy living (Rendtorff, p. 142). McDonalds goes on to build up high quality and a well balanced diet that acts the needs of its customers comprehensively. The firm has also developed a variety of choices to allow its customers to choose from, thus increase customer satisfaction.

The company through its nutritionist is rolling out consumer-friendly nutrition information that enable the customer's to get useful knowledge about the junk food products that the organization markets across all its restaurants. This helps the consumers to make an independent choice regarding which fast food product to get. Today, a lot of the consumer options are powered by the nutrition that McDonalds provides its consumers with.

McDonalds has strived to improve the communication that this has with its customers, especially children thus pushing those to make wise diet choices. According to Hartman and DesJardins (p. 76), McDonalds established the Global Advisory Council (GAC) which works in collaboration with the international teams to source for professional advice regarding nourishment and wellbeing.

Environmental responsibility

According to Kotler and Lee (p. 19), McDonalds has received the Energy Celebrity Partner of the Year award which is usually given by environmentally friendly Protection Agency (EPA). McDonalds has been known for its substantial efforts in lowering greenhouse emissions. The organization is sensitive to the environment and worried more about the global warming. This has promoted the firm to save on energy and therefore avert carbon emissions.

McDonalds takes its social responsibility concerning the environment seriously. The firm founded its very own Global Environment Commitment (Houk and Williams, p. 134). The business has extended to concentrate on improving its dedication towards the environment. So far as McDonalds CSR about the environment is concerned, the junk food giant has in the past and present centered on three main areas particularly; energy efficiency, lasting packaging and waste material management as well as renewable restaurant design. McDonalds has form to make use of more energy conserving strategies like the use of gas in the junk food restaurants. McDonalds carries on to seek ways of increasing energy efficiency. Furthermore, the junk food giant also seeks to reduce the impact of its businesses on the environmental impact.

In addition, McDonalds continues to explore ways that it can bundle the consumer's product in deals that are easy to recycle and reuse. Malachowski (p. 27) reveals that the business banned the utilization of plastics in packaging the fast food products. The company continues to use paper-based packages though it is in a bid to look for an environmental friendly bundle. The firm has been criticized for using paper-based plans in the wake of the global warming worry. Paper originates from trees and therefore by using the paper-based packages, McDonalds might have been going against the environmental preservation requirements.

Trevino and Nelson (p. 47) disclose that McDonalds comes with an environmental department which attends the green house meetings in Geneva yearly. These representatives are in charge of making certain McDonalds is constantly on the comply with the environmental laws of various countries where it is established.

Most of the restaurants owned by McDonalds have used the renewable restaurant design which helps in saving energy. It has given McDonalds the possibility to take part in the reduced amount of carbon emission through investing in energy efficient buildings. Most of the restaurants belonging to McDonalds come with an open space which allows a lot of light to enter the building thus saving the utilization of electricity during the day.

McDonald's CSR supports the conservation of the surroundings through reduction of carbon emission as well as the inexperienced restaurant designs.

Employment experience

McDonalds has a policy within all its subsidiaries and fast food restaurants worldwide of offering its employees important over all other activities. The firm indeed identifies that employees are key in the business's success. McDonalds has before devised training programs targeted at employee development. Furthermore, the company empowers its employees to take up new obstacles in the junk food market.

Furthermore, McDonalds facilitates human rights which sorts part of it global business do. Respect to life and the preservation of individual dignity has empowered the business to stand out in its key relationship with its employees as well as customers and business partners. This has enabled McDonalds to increase through its understanding of individuals life and dignity, an area where a great many other companies have failed.

Employee's rights are a priority at McDonalds. McDonalds has developed a strategy that allows the employees relative freedom in dealing with the firm. You will find three areas of the employee main concern virtues that McDonalds has identifies namely respect, commitment growth and expertise advancement (Hoffman, p. 114). McDonalds has created a culture where every worker is respected and valued internationally. In addition, McDonalds is committed towards noticing quality employees through comprehensive training programs and staff development strategies.

McDonalds identifies young talented graduates and employees then as graduate trainees thus making certain it acquires the right caliber of future employees. These young graduates are attracted from various hospitality colleges and universities throughout the world. Corresponding to Mullerat and Brennan (p. 22), McDonalds always strives to deliver quality employee training to its employees. In addition, its employment insurance plan is not biased against one kind of gender. There is an open way towards those applied at McDonalds.

Every staff is thus important at McDonalds because the firm understood that its workforce holds the key to its valued success. This CSR regarding valuing and respecting employees has allowed McDonalds to improve its service provision to its clientele.

Community responsibility

For ages, McDonalds has been aiding the Olympic Game titles through feeding program targeted at feeding the athletics. McDonalds is also involved with various charities and also facilitates education in the developing countries where they have its franchises and junk food restaurants. As part of its bid to return back to the world, McDonalds has sponsored several children programs including eradication of illiteracy and poverty.

McDonalds also sponsors lots of situations worldwide including the Olympic Game titles and walks. Within the last calamities, McDonalds has been involved in disaster response where they have supported the victims of such disasters. Just lately through the Haiti catastrophe, McDonalds moved directly into donate a handsome amount on the rebuilding of the demolished country. Corresponding to Morris, Willey and Sachdev (p. 54), McDonalds in addition has supported various community based mostly programs such as sponsoring the education of poor children in India and Asia.


McDonalds has been able to achieve high success through its id of the elements that make it be successful most. These elements include its employees, customers and the suppliers. McDonalds values its employees and has various training programs to support their bet towards a fantastic service provision. The company draws its success generally from its employees. McDonalds also hires quality and highly valuable employee's thus ensuring sustained success for the business.

McDonalds also pulls its success from its highly appreciated customers. The business provides the customers with diet information thus ensuring that the customer makes educated decision. Additionally, the firm builds up sensible diets that meet up with the dynamic requirements of each fast food market. Indeed, customers have empowered the firm to build up highly with most customers referring others to the junk food giant. The customers also benefit from the advice of the international nutritionists as well as the nourishment experts that are dissipated to McDonalds on a regular basis (Daft and Marcic, p. 11).

McDonalds support for the environment has made certain that its CSR is growing. The firm has many means of giving back again to the city. McDonalds facilitates various sponsorship programs, the most serious being that which supports the education of children (Carter and Clegg, p. 48). McDonalds also feeds the athletes at the Olympic Game titles. Poverty eradication has also been important for the company as it looks for to improve the requirements of living.

McDonalds continues to aid CSR and good business conducts and ethic across its businesses, now and in the future to come through increased quality programs. Suppliers also form area of the center business that McDonalds facilitates. The suppliers are organized in supply chains to ensure that they continue steadily to abide by the product quality standards.


McDonalds should make us of solar energy, which really is a green form of energy. This will go a long way towards ensuring that there exists less carbon emission. The EPA would thus be happy with the work propagated by McDonalds.

McDonalds also needs to run advertising in the press to promote its balanced healthy diet. The advertisements also needs to contain nutrition advice on various ways of eating healthy junk food diets. The organization also needs to diversify its diets to ensure which it meets the requirements of different ages.

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