Past MAY BE THE Key To The Future Philosophy Essay

The things and deeds we have in past are now to give us fruit in present and also in the foreseeable future. And our present which is likely to be our past gives us its fruit in the foreseeable future. The topic "To turn to the future' One must examine days gone by" revloves around past present and the future of all mankind. It addresses the whole history of human being. Some believe that it is essential to study history in order to make their future bright however, many think past has no concern with the future. Other thinks that future relates to present, the items they have got in present remain same as in future. Differing people have different believe on the same the topic. Exactly why is it so? Because of the different activities they have in their previous life. For some reason or another experience is second name of recent.

What actually affect the near future? Experience affects the future. Future can never be expected but we can make an effort to make it better by mean of days gone by experience. Without knowing days gone by we repeat blunders made in days gone by, and demolish our future. We can't say that people are speculating future upon yesteryear, but in a way we can improve our future by relating it to the events take place in past, and work to make it enhanced. No one knows exactly what will happen in the foreseeable future but the past give us a palm and lead us to your destiny.

There must be some reasons why past contribute a lot in building future. It is vitally important to study history and keeping days gone by at heart to avoid repeating the problems of days gone by and realize why things are as they are! We study record to learn where we were in the past and where we are actually, to learn what functioned for people in the past. We study background in order to consider the great successes accompolished by our ancestors to make our future stand out excellent like diamonds and remember the most severe things happen in past and make sure not to do these things happen again in future. We examine history to know what is the right thing to do and what's wrong so that we can understand what to do in life and the way the incorrect things happen and how we can be averted.

Just think, if we don't have a past what would we be today? Obviuosly little or nothing, if we have no idea the hard works of your ancestor then how can we realize their great achievements, and what we should can study from their achievements and hardships and how do we pay value to them. The biggest example is the accomplishment of Paskistan, if do not research history then how we could be able to contend with others and keep maintaining or moral value. How could we realize and feel happy on our country, culture and faith. Without a history we couldn't go through life. Our personal life is also interrelated with past. We are able to call our past as our ram it could be good or bad. It depends upon us with whom we want go either with bad one or by good one. We can take experience from bad recollection furthermore good memory give us courage to live on. It's all about experiences. A lot more you know about history, the more you will be prepared to build your own future.

The famous philosopher George Santayana had written in 1896 in Reason in keeping Sense, the Life of Reason, volume 1.

"Those who do not review history are doomed to do it again it. "

No the first is purely doomed to repeat it. But Yes! History repeats itself because no-one compensates attention for the first time. But if someone forgot days gone by they'll surely repeat in quantity of manners. The overall game remains same but the player changes. Certainly if we forgot something which we must do then certainly we will some face final result and consequences. There are numerous interesting events in the annals which indicates us and enlighten with the truth about the words said above. Learning about the bad things ever sold is ways to prevent them from taking place again. Furthermore, sometimes we even understand the history we replicate it because we've not learn anything from it. It could be discussed by some examples which are taken from the link listed below.

http://www. city-data. com/forum/history/1023429-does-history-ever-repeat-itself-ww2. html#ixzz2EucrunZh

(See the exact words from the hyperlink given above)

"In World Battle I Germany lost to France. In World Battle II Germany defeated France. When it came up to the People from france they discovered their lesson. They failed in other areas, particularly the invasion of Russia, where I possibly could point out that they must have taken a page from Napoleon's publication and re-thought the advertising campaign.

When we debunked Vietnam vs. Afghanistan but, we will get examples to put them together. Though the wars will vary, they also contain some similarities. Both were being fought to beat an idea; communism in a single, terrorism in the other. As we all know, we can't struggle an idea. Both were essentially nation building work that paralleled the warfare. Both were reliant upon corrupt and ineffectual local central government authorities who were needed for success. Both contain indigenous guerilla makes opposed to our occurrence. Both have little geo-political value beyond combating the "concept" that the region is distributing. Both are being fought essentially unilaterally with little support from other allies.

So, without everything is the same you can infer that based on the lessons of Vietnam (some of which we learned from and are employing to effect in Afghanistan) the entire war is essentially doomed to inability as it is by meaning unwinnable.

Sayings often have root in reality. Sometimes we have to look hard and be a bit more liberal in our interpretation, nevertheless they are valid in some instances. "

Some times for some individuals in a few ways past functions as a greatest enemy of these. That who got a worst & most awful going on in their past life and couldn't deal up with them for such people former is the greatest enemy. They rely on their former and begin blaming other things that they originated from this background and so forth and start asking their self applied that why this occurred to them and think if it could not happen then they would maintain pleasure rather than working for the future they humiliates their recent. They do not even try to emerge from it and offer with other and this will how they lose with the fear of defeat, over time it become impossible to allow them to emerge from this and to glow and rise again. In a few ways their world won't allow them to study from their past, they keeping on duplicating their former and let them feel bad and make sure they are realize their faults and make sure they are feel ashamed. This will likely lead them to disappointment.

We study record to believe and feel proud on our country and on our motherland. Background also introduces us to the important people of history they might be our idol or bad who added a great deal in the composition of your country. You can find loads of other explanations why do we choose to study background. It tell us where were in our previous life and where we will be in the future. It says us our originality where we came from and exactly how things, people and times change, how the culture and notion developed and then how all of a sudden with the duration of time they changed. Record needs us to new age where we can assess our selves. Likewise if we can judge and understand our selves by studying our history, then simply we can suppose, judge and understand other by analyzing their past. By mean of studying background we can understand about people habit when they acted and exactly how they behaved in such manners. If we do not understand them then how will we make connections with them and develop relations with them. It also evolves our thinking and relating skills that how exactly we can relate a very important factor with another and then get better effect. Many philosophers, scholars tell gain and learn from your previous experience to be able to understand your daily life and move towards gold future and also to learn lessons, knowledge and intelligence. Therefore, background leads us to understand days gone by and use this fact and body to work in present and get better bring about future.

"A person with no sense of days gone by is someone who is a stranger both to his / her own roots and also to the human being condition more generally. For humans are not creatures of nature; we could inheritors of the annals that has made us what we should are. Never to know our record is never to know ourselves, and this is the condition not of human beings, but of family pets. And perhaps from a useful viewpoint, to be ignorant of days gone by is to make us impotent and unprepared before the present. How can someone with out a sense of middle ages history have slightest inkling of this is of the current impasse the Western world finds itself in its dealings with Islam? The Crusades were not, as is often implied by Muslims and non-Muslims similarly, a unique point in time of anti-Islamic aggression. These were actually but one blip in the amazing expansion of Islamic empires in Europe and somewhere else, from enough time of Mohammed onwards, right up to 1683 when the Turks were transformed back again from the gates of Vienna and 1686 when these were expelled from Budapest. But who now remembers any of this, or ponders its outcomes? It isn't, needless to say, taught in Country wide Curriculum record, which prefers to dwell on the Aztecs, about whom we have only the vaguest knowledge compared, and (endlessly) on the rise of Fascism (not communism) in European countries, analyzed by pupils who know nothing at all of the annals of Italy and Germany before the 20th century.

Is it any surprise that, without sense of the past or individuality - as, in other moods, politicians more and more complain - we are a culture enthusiastic about celebrity, soccer, and reality television set? The majority of our population is aware nothing else, and they have no yardstick from either record or culture with which to judge. "

(- Anthony O'Hear, "The Telegraph")

By the mean of understanding our history and looking at the future, we can conclude in an over-all sense where we were and we are going to be. Then, looking into the future, we can react in ways that built our future in the course and ways we wish to view it and make it sparkle like a diamonds.

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