Poet, Lover, Birdwatcher

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The poem 'Poet, fan, birdwatcher' displays Ezekiel's views on poet's problems. Poet, Lover, Birdwatcher is one of the better known poems of Ezekiel and has received substantial critical attention. The note of them poem is clear, 'The best poets await words': the best poets started to create poetry only once these are truly inspired. It epitomizes the poet's search for a poetics which would help him redeem himself in his eyes and in the eye of god. Parallelism is attracted between the poet, the enthusiast and the birdwatcher. All the three have to wait patiently in their respected pursuits, indeed their waiting around is a sort of strategy. Ezekiel makes an attempt to determine the poem in terms of a lover and the birdwatcher. There is a close resemblance included in this in search for love, parrot and word. All the three became one in spirit, and Ezekiel expresses this in imagery noted for its precision and decorum:

The hunts is not an exercise of will

But patient love relaxing on a hill

To notice the movement of any timid wing. . .

There is no action, no exercise of will in the three cases, but patient hanging around is itself strategy, some sort of planned action to attain the goal. The hunt is seek out birds or the need to win a women's heart. Patient love relaxing on hill is to suppose an frame of mind of perseverance and relaxation while you're watching parrots or women. A timid wing is a transferred epithet where the idea of a bird being timid is advised. Until the person who knows that she is loved is good for the man to wait for the girl to respond to his love out of her own accord, and should not drive him after her. On this poem poet detects his moral turned out, who never spoke before his soul moved.

The first section starts with a mention of 'speed' which is taken up in the next section by gradual movements. The lines weave in and from the three domains and emerge as solitary morals learnt. The first stanza refers to physical love and advises how to gain women. Women are treated as birds of prey. Making love is like the experience of hunting. Right weapons are to be chosen like appropriate words employed by the poet. The enthusiast manipulates the problem in such a manner that the ladies cannot withstand but surrender at the expense of being blamed.

The second stanza strains the actual fact that slow activity is good. You have to visit remote place just as one has to discover love in a remote control place like the heart's dark floor. It is there, that girls look something more than their body, and that they appear like common myths of light. Plus the poet, in zigzag motions, yet with a sense of musical gladness, manages to incorporate sense and audio.

At the end of his put it off, the poetic term shows up in the concrete and sensuous form of a woman, who understands that she is loved and who surrenders to her fan simultaneously. In this technique, poetry and love, word and girl become intertwined. But this slow motion of love and poetry which ultimately shows no irritable haste to reach at meaning will not come by easily. To be able to possess the eye-sight of the rarer wild birds of his psyche, the poet must feel the deserted lanes of his solitary, private life; he must walk along the primal streams of his consciousness in silence, or happen to be a far off shore which is like the heart's dark floor. The poet, then, gloats on the sluggish curving movements of the ladies, both with regard to their sensuousness and the understanding they bring.

All three are hunters, our company is told: ironically nothing are going to devour what they succeed to hunt. The poem conducts a lesson through comparisons between the three poets, lover and birdwatcher. Poet is positioned first in the subject and in the poem he comes previous. The differentiated placement is suggestive of who's learning and who becomes a lessons. Fan and birdwatcher are illustrative situations for the poet to learn the craft of poetry. The last two lines of both sections suggest that the moral to be learnt is ideal for the poet. The poem is well-structured poem in two regular stanzas having the rhyme pattern a b b a a c d c d d in all of them. It has a casual, conversational starting with a direct address to the poets, urging these to patiently wait for words as will a birdwatcher for birds and a lover for his ladylove.

The idea of labour and hard-work is implied here with regard to a parrot watcher in search of rare birds and a poet in search of the right words. 'And there the ladies slowly turn around, not only flesh and bone but myths of light': Only after going through an arduous trip may the fan get some response from the woman. The woman then becomes for him not just a being of flesh and blood vessels, but appears as a radiant nature which is not really much real, but mythical and imaginary. She actually is no longer a mere physical presence. The poet has thus glorified love as well as the woman who eventually responds to a man's love.

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