Primary inner and external influences to LOreal

These influences as with internal and exterior can be determined by analysing the Talents of organisation in terms of available resources like skilled staffs, financial capability, core competent of organisations, advancement, people say your strengths today mighty be your weakness tomorrow in the global business environment, Weakness of organisation can be poor technology and systems in use, insufficient market orientation, lack of research and development, uncompetent staff, poor type and range of products, which will lead the orgainisation directly into poor peformance not reaching company's goals. The opportunities in sociable and ethnic aspects example L'oreal in USA, economic advantage example new growing market like Africa, Asia, Europe, New techology. Risks of company is changes running a business environment where a firm is operating its business, the competion from other competition, political issues, change in customer's life style, supplies lack.

According to casestudy shows range of influences to L'Oreal as subjected. In internal and external influences were going to build the company structure which can be global supervision and cope with the external global environment by stabilising their resources so they can be competent to get the ability to compete keenly against other challengers. They had the opportunity to build up the organisation talents through carefully plans strategy of acquring other cosmetic makeup products companies to allow them to multiply up their wings in the international market segments by using strong and potential brands in their new and existing global marketplaces, which a few of the brands were L'oreal origin brands like lancome and other followed brands like matrix, Maybelline, Kiehl's, tender sheen and carson. Also moving business strategy from local strategy to international strategy that will allow the company to compete in global environment, The marketing inability during 1953 after getting into U. S market through the company shaped licensee Cosmair Inc. to spread L'Oreal products(pg3 on the research study) this made the corporate management of L'Oreal to structure their corporate plans from inability to success, But management have in a position to consider company redisign to gain key success through creating good distribution channels, flaxible management development of interior composition and culture so they can cope with exterior business environment to keep up balance, example L'Oreal managent under Dalle in a position to take the business to public(1963), sold off the company's soap unit and also performed able to act in response in politics issues of condition control of france's top companies(pg3 on research study).

The current organisational structure were successful in conditions of achieving goals in case research it shows that they had good reputation and market share in france and also in european countries even though they were selling their products to customers in superior price and later they control expand organisation framework through acquiring other beauty products company in european countries to allow them to enter in U. S market. Company were recruiting skilled and gifted staffs can able to run up the company to successful point in future time without looking location of specific, example Lindsay Owen Jones who was simply CEO british given birth to(research study pg 4). Good allocation of resources to invest in foreign markets permits L'Oreal to get other oppotunities apart from U. S market. Example L'oreal management after bought the brand of Helena Rubinstein was best chance to go extra mls to get other markets which can be outside of U. S like European countries, Japan and Asia and brand has very good market awereness to its customers. Through acquisation L'oreal company could actually access available resources from other company like circulation stations, skilled staffs.

Because of global marketing environment Lindsay Owen Jones the CEO of L'Oreal he began to redisgn the corporate strategy so the company can able to handle the international physical environment of where will operates, below here shows the Strategic Alternatives of certain company may use four basic ways of enter and compete when opt to operate in international market like follows:-

Pressure for Local










Cost pressure


Low Pressure for local High

Transnational Strategy.

This strategy companies must exploit experience curve cost economies and location economies, transfer distinctive competencies within the company and pay attention for pressures for localisation. To get this done their need to be moves of knowledge from the parent to subsidiaries, movement from overseas subsidiaries to the house country, and from overseas subsidiaries to overseas subsidiaries, an activity that known as global learning. The procedure of transnationals is not appropriate in all situations, neither is it without costs. Where requirements for local responsiveness are low, a global strategy may be the most appropriate. The coordination and management challenges of an transnational also create more expensive and benifits than with one of the more traditional strategies. A transinational strategy makes sense when a firm faces high pressure for cost reductions, high pressures for local responsiveness, and where there are significant opportunities for leveraging valuable skills inside a multinational's global network of procedure. In a few ways companys that follow a transnational strategy want to concurrently achieve cost and differentiation advantages. As attractive as this might sound, the strategy is challenging to pursue. Pressure for local responsiveness and cost reductions place conflicting demand on a firm, being locally responsive raises costs.

Global Strategy.

Firms that pursue a worldwide strategy give attention to increasing profitability by reaping the price reductions that come from experience curves effects and location economies. That may be called a company chasing low priced strategy. The creation, marketing and research and development activities of organizations pursuing a global strategy are focused in a few favorable locations. Global organizations tend not to customise their product offering and online marketing strategy to local conditions because customisation boosts cost, it involves shorter production runs and the duplications of functions.

Multidomestic Strategy

Compay pursue this strategy orient themselves toward reaching maximum local responsiveness. The main element distinguish feature of multidomestic firms is that they thoroughly customise both their product offering and their marketing strategy to complement different countrywide conditions. In keeping with this in addition they tend to set up a complete set of value creation activities.

International Strategy

In this strategy company try to create value by moving valuable skills and products to overseas marketplaces where indigenous competitors lack those skills and products. Most international companies have created value by moving differentiated product offerings developed at home to new marketplaces overseas.

Analysis of how globalisation influences guidelines and decision making in L'Oreal.

L'Oreal in a position to increase acquisation to keep up market share against other rivals therefore the company can stay into its business. Value creation were converted to L'Oreal products by refurbish those brands they were so strong in the market and had very good understanding to its customers because if there is more value in the product that means you can find value and trust between two functions, firm and customer. Because of globalisation L'Oreal does in a position to design the Organisation structure which will fit on the global environment the firm is facing. Barlett and Goshal put together a range of organisation constructions developed by multinationals to meet these global difficulties, Like as follows below.

Global Co-ordination

Low High



Global Products







Local Independence




International Divisions

The structure is appropriate where there is little requirement for global coordination and little need to tailor products to local requirements.

Global Product Companies

The dependence on greater global integration has seen many multinationals moving towards global product buildings with product divisions integrating activities on a world vast basis from component supply, through manufacturing to analyze and development. This structure creates many opportunities to attain cost efficiencies and copy resources that are dependent upon sophisticated planning and control systems. Nevertheless the pressures to respond to local needs seem to be increasing in many global marketplaces. In case review site 10, CEO Owen Jones said that L'oreal to be truly global company they need to promote around the world American brands because that was other great alternative in the wonder industry as well as didn't agree to only local brands, by seeking to put all L'Oreal brand just about everywhere by selling United states to Americans, Japan, Chinese language and Italian beauty to the Japanese, French beauty to Africans, and also Japanese chic to Brazillians.

International Subsidiaries

Many organisations are structured around international subsidiaries that react more closely to the needs of the neighborhood market, often at the trouble of control from the centre and a standard organisational structure. However, whilst this structure has been appropriate in the past, as global competition becomes more extreme, there may now be considered a need to check out better global integration.

Transnational Corporations

The increasing pressures of global competition after companies to both globally co-ordinate activities and respond to local needs has led to the introduction of the transnational company. The traditional multinational structures are seen to be converging after a fresh organisational structure that depends after a network of interdependent resources.

Also L'Oreal company matching to circumstance studies shows the numbers of responds to change the products offering to its customers through understanding their customers and the life styles they have. By using Ansoff four strategic options, he stated that in marketing we can only just ever be talking about products and markets, and that these can only just be old, or existing, and new, or potential. Below is a figure shows Ansoff Matrix model in proper choice.


Present New

Market Penetration


Product Development


Market Development







Market penetration

On this plan present product and present market will be appropriate whenever a market keeps growing and not yet saturated, example L'oreal company when was marketing in France market before decide to go abroad market. By appealing to non users of the merchandise, or purchasing rate of existing customers. The strategy can be implemented through increasing activity using one or even more of the combination elements. Example ambitious promotion, pricing, using more extensive distribution.

Product development.

The strategy deals with New product at existing market, an company develops a new product to market at its existing market. Sometimes can be basically the product refinement, could be change of flavour or product packaging. Product development is most widespread when branding is available. Promotional aspects will be emphasise the added characteristics of the new product and web page link it specifically to the security of and self confidence in the brand. This plan builds up customer loyalty and the huge benefits to be gained by purchase and other mixture elements like distribution may remain unchanged.

Market Development

On this strategy is about the business sells the existing product at new market, is often found when a regional business needs to increase or if new markets are emerging because of changes in consumer behaviors. It can also occur whenever a new use has been learned for a preexisting product. Implentention of this strategy involves attractive to markets industries not currently catered for and many imply a repositioning of products, new syndication methods or programs.


This strategy is where new product will be sold in the new marketplaces sometimes introduced so the firm will not become too dependent on its existing proper sections (SBUs), this is kind of insurance for future of the business incase of any catastrophe that could happen due to radical environmental changes in future where the company is functioning it business. This is considered as means of growth and growth of capacity to against competitors. The brand new product can me totally innovated which has never been observed in the marketplace, or the merchandise is new to the organization but was already the available on the market. Diversification can be Horizontal integration acquisation of another organisation that includes a desired features, the organization that is bought mighty use similar production methods, its syndication channels may highly effective and prove beneficial or has got great capacity. Or Vertical Integration where requires acquisition of various other businesses in the string of circulation between maker and customer, can be forward towards customer or backwards towards the source of materials. Other diversification also can be Conglomeration where steps a company away from the its existing product market situation into an completely new area to be able to satisfy, the burkha objective.

Critical analysis of the potency of L'Oreal reaction to globalisation.

Due to global environment has its complexity and uncertainties, L'Oreal did able to answer through building organsation which will deal with changes in business environment by rivalling with other businesses working in the same beauty industry, L'Oreal was providing a products (e. g Lancome in makeup products and L'Oreal professional in scalp treatment) which targeting in high income customers by offering their products in high price, which limited the company to develop into international markets. Also their brands where only potential in European countries and not USA and the price strategy they were using were not accessible. This made L'Oreal management to examine their marketing strategies into global level. L'Oreal got market entry strategy in USA market, first was licensee to cosmair to provide L'oreal products following the strategy did'nt perfom better, then L'oreal management does apply another strategy which was acquisition strategy. There are different entry strategy to foreign markets a business company can use, entry strategy can be Turnkey task, Exporting, Franchising, Licensing or Joint ventures. Licensing agreement is at arrangement whereby a licensor grants the protection under the law intangible properry to another entity (the licensee) for a specific period, and in return the licensor gets a royalty fee from the licensee. Intangible property includes patents, inventions, formulas, Trademarks, processes and designs. Acquisation is about one firm buys another organization. Hamills model, Motives for acquisation are economic motives, strategic motives, finance purpose and behavioral and managerial purpose.

Economic motives can be synergy in value string, economies of range, improved upon efficiency, purchase of managerial skills and unique resources.

Strategic motives this may aslo be diversification, competitive by attaining market control or remove competition or both, buy alternatively than build market show, or instant development.

Behavioral and managerial motives also this can be increasing management tool and sales development, personal goals of older managers, separation of ownership from control.

Financial motives is approximately Financial engineering, Valuation difference theory and increasing shareholder value.

In Addition of popular American brands such as Maybelline, Redken, Matrix, SoftSheen-Carson, and Ralph Lauren Fragrances to its collection of french brands, L'Oreal got created a global brand stock portfolio for consumers with an array of incomes and likes in 140 countries.

Because the marketplace in France and part of Europe maybe were seems to be saturated, and L'Oreal perhaps was facing somewhat competition from rival companies in france and other part of European countries made it to get other new attractive market which was USA market to extend its market show and boost the revenue.

By using Boston Consultancy Group Matrix(BCG) theory predicated on Market talk about and Market progress rate of the tiny SECTIONS(SBUs).

Boston Consultancy Group Matrix.






Market growth


Relative Market Share

Question Mark

Are products that have low market show and are in high growth markets. The merchandise has not yet come to a dominant position on the market. Although it can be generating cash, it still takes a lot of investment for development and the business must decide if they to keep trading.


If Question grades be successful they become superstars, market leaders in high development markets. Stars are the providers of tomorrow and the company with no celebrities should worry. Around the physique above shows two legend products, one which has the leading share in its market and one which has only just a bit more share than its leading rival. Efforts should be produced to raise the share of the second product to be able to secure its future profitability, particularly as the marketplace has an extremely high development rate this may be where future earnings lay. Also this level may entail investment in promotion and distribution incase of competition, and Celebrity can also produce earnings and use resources which might lead to break even.

Cash Cow

When market expansion reaches a well balanced level, Personalities become cash cows providing they carry a leading show of the marketplace. If they lose any market show to the competition they will slip into either being a marginal Question Symbol or at very worse, your dog or sometimes if a company continued to support other categories and neglegeted its cash cow then its could eventually become a dog. Cash Cows produce good income, do not require high investment and often signify the economies of size can be gained. The amount of money received from cash cows should be used to get into other products.


Dogs have a weakened market talk about in low development or stable marketplaces. These products can often take up additional time than they are simply worth. They often produce low earnings and very often incur deficits. They will always consume cash, even if it is just in the time taken to control them. Could be dropped by organization but is not wise to do immediately because they could still poduce revenue and can be used retention to customers.

L'Oreal responded by creating competitive advantages against other rivals in beauty industry.

Michael Porter Generic Strategy explained the way the company can gain competitive benefit through differentiation, differentiation concentrate, cost control, and cost concentration. L'Oreal management could actually differentiate their products through product divisions ( Consumer, Professional and Luxury products division). Also L'oreal used cost authority and cost concentrate, by created products range regarding to consumer classes, by reselling them with different selection of price, based on ethinic life styles from white to dark people.

Also Value Chain Analysis can be useful here to determine the response of L'oreal beauty company to globalisation,

Value Chain Diagram

Planning model

Computer Electronic Customer

Aided Design Marketing Profiling




Automated Flexible Automated order Tele - marketing After sales services,

Warehouse manufacturing Control Computerised



Firm infrastructure

HR Management

Technology Management


Inbound Businesses Outbound Marketing and Services

logistics logistics Sales

Primary activities.

Inbound logistics, working with storing, getting and distributing the inputs to the product or service. Materials handling, managing stock and move. Operations, matter of transform different inputs into final products or service, assembly and assessment.

Research and development, relating to about gathering useful information from the market like competitors for the reason that market, customers, growing new product or lowering the price tag on production ( L'Oreal, Research and development activities allowed the company to reduce creation costs). In the event study (pg11), Its "says L'Oreal experienced strong commitment to research and development that lots of insiders considered to be among the firm's most distinctive principles and a comparative benefits over competitors. Through research and development they do able to discover the new hair Fructis shampoo product made from fruit sugars called fructose.

Production can be creation of goods or services, example Fructis shampoo.

Out destined logistics through local circulation channels which the company had control with it, acquisation enabled L'Oreal management to get competence in distributing products to consumers.

The Marketing and sales supply the means whereby consumers/users are made aware of the product or service and are able to purchase, L'oreal provided product combine, enough advertising to their customers therefore the can be aware of their products offering to the marketplace.

Service, service includes those activities which enhance or keep up with the value product or service, such as training, installation, repair and spares.

Support Activities in the worthiness chain give inputs that allow the primary activities to occur, can materials management, people resource management by interacting with recruiting, training, development and satisfying people within the organisation, example in the case study L'oreal hire people early in their employment opportunities and instruct them so that they can become the future leaders of the business (i. e L'Oreal CEO, Lindsay Owen Jones and Kiehl's chief executive, Philip Clough). Information systems, and company infrastructure this is the framework of company, control stystems and culture of the firm.

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