Research Methodology For Tesco

Kothari, C places it, the research methodology refers to the techniques which are being used to study the research problem. Through the techniques applied we check out into the research aims. To conduct the research on the impact of internet technology on the relevant market share of Tesco, we would utilize both qualitative as well as quantitative method of research. Research methodology is a means in which we solve the research problem systematically by employing different steps for executing the research. The info thus collected using these techniques is both key and supplementary.

There are two main types of research methodology which are applied in a report, they are deductive and inductive research solutions (Kothari, C). Deductive is a study approach where the researcher develops a theory and hypothesis and designs a research strategy to test the hypothesis. The Deductive strategy takes from a far more general perspective to a more specific one. On other hands, the inductive strategy works from the specific observation to broader generalizations and theories. The analysis of inductive strategy is generally carried out within the field and is known as critical thinking. This research paper specializes in the impact of internet on the increasing market talk about of Tesco in the meals retail; which means approach applied in this case will be inductive. The inductive research approach will gain this project because of its beginning with a specific area and then moving to more generalized view.

Research Strategy

A number of research strategies have been used to collect data on the impact than it, internet on the increasing market share of Tesco. Melville, S (2007) says research strategy can be conducted based on experiment, research study, survey, action research and a great many other ways can be employed to carry out the research. In this particular paper, research study as a research strategy is employed to carry out the research. Predicated on the research issue, case study design is preferred and requested a deeper knowledge of the research matter. This research strategy has been picked as it can help in attaining a rich knowledge of the research subject and the functions being used. Along with the case study, the research is combined with interviews of mature management. The research study approach is extremely popular and is thought to be especially good in complicated situations and entail a variety of issues. The primary good thing about the case study approach as a research strategy is that, it creates empirical data and information which would not be solely dependent on the already printed work. As well as the case study methodology can be carried out by an individual researcher and this method is relatively cheap.

Blaxter (2006) found pursuing advantages of choosing research study method:

  • Case study is the method of data collection whereby the info is collected through the real experience and practice of people, for this reason feature, this data is strongly near to certainty.


  • Case study permits generalisations from certain example to more standard issues.



  • The quality of a case is the fact that it offers grounds for the further research.



  • One of the features of research study is that it is built on actual practice and experience of a person that is why these can be connected to activities and practice which can change the practice of the established thinking or idea.



  • Because the data collected through case studies is very near the experience of the individuals who is why, it can be more accessible and influential.


Keeping in mind the features of the research study, this technique has been chosen for this specific case as it is found to be the most apt.

Data Collection

In qualitative research methodology, the use of figures and figures is really less as this type of research strategy throws light on the facts about the research topic. The info collected is simply descriptive and clarifies the research theme is an in depth and descriptive manner. In order to collect the data in qualitative research strategy, the employees as well as the very best management will be questioned on the impact of IT on company's performance; in acquiring clients, expanding the existing customer bottom and also how this technique has had the opportunity to boost the market talk about of Tesco. This would require data on the price incurred and the profits made by the business in the past couple of years.

To gather qualitative data, interview method will be utilized. The info will be collected by interviewing the management from IT and financial department. To carry out that; enough time and place of interview will be determined by the interviewee. You can find multiple reasons for conducting personal interviews rather than asking questions via email or chat. This is because in the physical interviews, there is one on one interaction between your interviewer and interviewee. The one on one discussion will provide opportunities to ask questions that are not area of the standard protocol (Adam, M. and Schvanevldt, P. , 1991).

Also, this kind of interview method provides a kind of intimacy between your interviewer and the interviewee. The interviewee will receive a chance expressing his / her views openly as how IT implementation took place and how beautifully it includes added to the Tescos performance in the show market. In this manner the researcher can have more insights into the personality of the interviewee than just requesting predefined questions. Another important slender is that in case of one on one interview method, if the interviewee actually is friendly and communicative individuals, then your interview may revolve around concerns that are beyond the opportunity of this research which will help the researcher in better understanding of the topic and will accumulate good and effective information for making analysis. It would be kind of casual conversation. In fact such informal interactions help the interviewer have more realistic and honest reactions from the interviewee.

However, initial casual conversation between the two could relieve the interviewee to a larger extent and the interview might job to the true reason as the way the internet development has significantly increased the market talk about of Tesco. These details can be very important. How Tesco has been able to coordinate and perform so well in the e-commerce business. Thus a deeper conversation would help the interviewer to extract the true information and can get a reasonably appropriate picture of the situation.

Approach to sampling

If we take up a research we can not cover the whole population of the united states since the resources are limited. In this case, we choose a percentage of the populace to carry on the analysis. This amount or specific share is named the sample. Examples are being used to generalize the problem of the case in every. To conduct this type of research, five medium to large size firm would be chosen as a sample. Ten senior officials from each of the companies would be chosen for review or research on this issue. The human source department of those companies would be approached in advance when planning on taking permission from those to conduct the research of their mature officials provided the employees are willing to take part in the review. The set of officials would be procured from the human resource division of the firms. The officers would be approached via an email to seek their agreement in executing the interview and if they're interested then to get the date, time and venue of the interview. A period amount of 15-30 minutes for each and every of the interview would be establish, depending after the interviewee's time availableness.

A questionnaire would be prepared to become a reference during the interview. As mentioned early on the questionnaire would be drafted equally as a guide. This will help in collecting data. The interviews would be registered by using a dictating machine. The individuals would be told prior to the interview that it would be recorded. In this manner we will gather the information on the study topic and can help in making the examination on the study topic of computer implementation and its own contribution to the increase in the market share of Tesco.

In the qualitative research methodology the use of characters in fairly less and the info used is collected from the business's senior officials and also from the educational sources which may have been used. The author of these educational sources have been used revolve across the ideas and devised definitions on the topic.

In order to carry out quantitative research, the older management from the preferred offices would be contacted. An example of 100 officers would be studied from the company's database. The decided on managers list would be compared with the set of personal interview survey list and duplications would be studied out. The chosen officials would be contacted over the phone and their permission for a telephonic interview would be taken after explaining to them the goal of the interview. If the candidates are prepared for a circular of interview, then a particular date and time of their choice would be set to conduct an actual telephonic interview. If some of the selected individuals aren't interested to take part then your list would be replenished by the entries from the databases until the prospects count details hundred. A set of pre identified questions would be asked during the telephonic interview and enough time allotted for every single telephonic interview wouldn't normally become more than tem minutes. The questionnaire would be utilized to carry out the interview. Unlike personal interview, the interview will not rely much on building up informal relationship roughly. Instead, predefined questions are asked and the answers would be recorded with the aid of recording facilities in the telephone. The interviewees would be up to date that the telephonic discussions would be saved. The main reason for the telephonic interview is to get yes or no kind of answers or solitary word answers. The telephonic interviews aren't better than the non-public circular of interview or gathering information from the academic options as they accumulate data predicated on predefined questions.

Besides interview and the questionnaire approach, the info was also compiled from other options like academic publications, e-books and articles. A profound rooted review on this issue from the journals and academic options was helpful to extract the true information and can get a fairly correct picture of the problem (Adam, M. and Schvanevldt, P. , 1991).

Data Analysis

The information thus accumulated using different research methods revolved around as how internet marketing can be an important tool to operate a vehicle the sales and increase company's earnings. For our rich understanding research study procedure was used to test the impact of internet in increasing the Tesco share in the market. The analysis of the data collected was done with caution to ensure that the data generated is clear of any bias. However, there was some bias in the data collected by means of interview. A number of the statistical tools would be used to extrapolate the info to get a generic idea about how has internet has impacted on the marketplace talk about of Tesco. The relevant tools and techniques of figures and mathematics were used to perform the entire research. It was easy to investigate data in case there is quantitative research due to presence of volumes and figures. The data interpretation was especially easy and also free from any bias as these were associated t-values. Qualitative derivations are attained from the personal interview, which would be used to form a base for the understanding of overall implications of the research outcomes. However, in short span of the time, very little information might have been collected. Infact some of the private sites that could have been useful cannot be reached. The ease of access of data on some private sites was a restriction. The study also suffers from the constraint of money and time. However, in short time span we could only study the info which was gathered from the publications, academic options, articles and questioning the older officials of the company. The data accumulated and analyzed reflects on a wholesome explanation on the study topic.


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