Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project

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The Movement of Vehicles in Mumbai city and the Bandra-Worli Sea hyperlink task are like disease and anti dote. It is the perfect solution for the site's infinite Motion of Vehicles concern. The native rail network provides better paths, AC instructors and transports million of travellers. The non-rail components have new streets, over bridges, subways, and sign system.

The Bandra-Worli Sea Link will only add to the existing issues. Mumbai city is among the five most polluted locations of the world. The Municipal statement insists that to reduce the polluting of the environment in Mumbai city it is essential to promote open public transportation viz. Rail network and Bus service.

Many tasks were suggested since 50's for simple Activity of Vehicles in Mumbai city. The task involved was opposed, highly by fisher men and other alert natives constantly. Nevertheless the CRRI mentioned these corridors should be applied only after specific local research and the Execution of the jobs should be started out only after the research say it is fine to go ahead.

MUMBAI URBAN TRANSPORT PROJECT-I was prepared around 1984. There was a heated up brain storming time in the Assemblage and the Maharashtra Govt. appointed a higher level team called the K. G. Paranjape Team to give a list in priority of solutions to Mumbai city's Movement of Vehicles issues. The Team posted its consolidated Statement which got certain projects stated in a priority list.

Kirloskar Consultants and the Operation Research Group made an intensive research of Activity of Vehicles conditions and posted their studies in July 1994. This statement has turned down the Bandra-Worli Sea Website link Project and the Western Island Freeway stating that it'll attract increasingly more Movements of Vehicles towards South Mumbai city and the congestion will only worsen in many areas. The survey has warned that if the Bandra-Worli Sea Hyperlink Project is carried out it will lead to more congestion and as a result more pollution and therefore affecting the fitness of Mumbai city's natives.

The V. M. Lal Team in addition has suggested restricting auto Motion of Vehicles stepping into the island Site at Sion and Mahim. As per the newspapers it is clear that the Bandra-Worli Sea Website link Project does not have any medical basis.

It is devastating to allow personalised vehicles take up more space and roads, as it will be harmful to everyone including the users of private vehicle.

Constitutional Legitimacy of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link Project The job is supposed to be based on a research made by the Central Drinking water and Vitality Research Institute, Pune. The study is dependant on a hydraulic model rather than on the actual sea is researched.

It is imperative to note that the Indian Ecological Security Act came into effect in 1986 and the CRZ Notice in February 1991. In 1994 the Notice which made it compulsory to make an Ecological Result Analysis arrived to power and in the Notice demanding a public reading also came into force. Certainly these legal requirements were not satisfied. The Ecological Clearance cannot be given without doing previous research and observing all the steps of procedure. Even then on 7th January, 199 the clearance was given. The key clauses of the clearance were also violated. This attitude shows that there is absolutely no respect for Constitutional clauses. Furthermore the site location of the suggested toll plaza has been changed after obtaining Ecological clearance.

Illegality of the Project

Rules for Ecological Conformity in India

Almost every Intensifying activity has some negative Influence on the nature. THE RESULT, however, differs based on the aspect of activity. Thus, whereas setting up an industrial device can have serious Effect on the water and air quality besides affecting the flora and fauna of the region, a highway project can dramatically press up the noise and pollution level of the encompassing areas. It is with the goal of containing the negative Effects of your development assignments that the Nature Effect Analysis is done. Thus, it can be mentioned that Ecological Effect Evaluation is one of the tools available to organizers to reduce and contain harmful effects of the development activity on the nature. The objective is to foresee and address potential Ecological issues/concerns at an early stage of task planning and layout. That is a decision-making tool to ensure that finite natural resources are utilised within the transporting capacity of the eco-system to avoid its collapse.

It is appealing to ensure that the development options under consideration are sustainable.

In doing this, Ecological results must be characterized early in the task circuit and accounted for in the job layout.

It combines the Ecological concerns in Intensifying activities right at the time of initiating the task when preparing the feasibility report; It could often prevent future liabilities or expensive alterations in project structure.

Prior to January 1994, in India was carried out under administrative leadlines which required the task proponents of major irrigation projects, normal water body valley project, power stations, slots and harbours etc. , to secure a clearance from the Ministry of Dynamics and Forest, Govt. if India. The Ecological appraised team of the Ministry completed the Ecological appraised. In January 1994, the Govt. of India notified the Nature Impact Notice under guideline 5 of Dynamics Protection) Guideline, 1986 and 29 chosen projects. The Notice made it obligatory for the 29 designated projects to get ready and submit an, and Aspect Management Plan (EMP) and a Job Report to an Effect Analysis Company for clearance. The Ministry of Aspect and Forests, Govt. of Indian was chosen the Effect Analysis Agency.

What went incorrect with Job Location?

The site selection is actually an effective methodology in mitigation of risk.

Sea link project locations should be evaluated based after various regulatory and non regulatory criteria. Project siting constraints rely upon the reception of the encompassing nature. Sensitivity should be assessed with regards to closeness of the job to the sites/sites listed in the discovered ecologically sensitive areas (ESZ) notified by MoEF.

The siting requirements delineated by MoEF include:

  • As far as you possibly can, land retained for agricultural purposes shouldn't be changed into an commercial site.
  • Acquired land must have a renewable belt area according to regulatory norms.
  • Sufficient space and plans must be produced for storing and disposing sound waste.
  • The design of the project must verify to the landscaping pattern of the area without unduly affecting the scenic beauties of this site.
  • Respective town of the project, if any, to be created must provide for space for a barrier between the job and the township.

Mitigation Measures and Ecological Effect Analysis Report

Once substitutes have been evaluated, a mitigation plan should be drawn up for the decided on option and be supplemented with an Ecological Management Plan (EMP) to lead the proponent towards Ecological advancements. The EMP can be an important insight to monitoring the clearance conditions and for that reason details of monitoring should be contained in the EMP.

An EIA report should provide clear information to the deciding committee on the various Ecological scenarios without the task, with the task and with job options. Mysterious elements should be evidently mirrored in the EIA record.

The affected persons may include:

  • Bona fide indigenous natives;
  • Native associations;
  • Ecological groups active in the area and
  • Any other person located at the project site(s) of disinterment

They should be given an opportunity to make oral/written ideas to the State

Pollution Control Board as per the rules and legislation given forth in the Notices.

Monitoring the Clearance Conditions

Monitoring should be achieved during both the construction and functions stages of an project. This isn't and then ensure that the commitments made are complied with however also to observe whether the predictions manufactured in the records were accurate or not. Where in fact the Effect exceeds the predicted levels, corrective action should be studied. Monitoring will enable the regulatory agency to review the validity of predictions and the conditions of Execution of the Ecological Management Plan (EMP).

Violations of Ecological Laws

With reference to the Notice as given above, the following violations took site during the execution of the Bandra-Worli Sea Website link Project

1. Mockery of the Public Hearing

As per the notifications given vide the Central Ministry of Character and Forests (MoEF), dated 27th January 1994, 4th May 1994 and 10th Apr 1997, under the Nature Protection Act (EPA), Public Ability to hear was essential in development assignments like the one in question. The Maharashtra Air pollution Control Plank (MPCB) is responsible for holding such Open public Hearings.

This public ability to hear is not really a mere formality. The native populace is often more conversant with the native implications of a job than Govt. firms and experts doing exercises their judgement from external. Besides, in attempting to get through a attractive job, the firms are known to flip a blind, even to obnoxious and hazardous implications, and the hearing in a public court gives an opportunity, though limited, to highlight such consequences. Furthermore, public participation can be an extremely crucial component of democratic governance and must be treated really, and respected countrywide. Most importantly, the affected people has a right to be enlightened about any project, which is likely to influence its quality of life and Living.

2. Incomplete Ecological Effect Analysis

According to a further Notice, the Effect Assessing Agency should make a set of tips based on the technical research of documents and data equipped by the project government bodies of the factories and sites if began and information on the public reading.

Also, the notice released above, for obtaining Ecological Clearance of tasks, the applicant has to obtain a NOC from the state of hawaii Pollution Control Mother board. The MPCB should concern this NOC only after concluding the legal proceedings.

In the situation being discussed, the public hearing had not been held in regard to (BWSLP), nor was the relevant documents etc. made available for inspection to the IPT panel or other NGOs and worried natives. Therefore the -panel concludes that the record is incompletely equipped before the sight of the law.

3. Project diagnosis Report unavailable for inspection or problem finding

As per clauses of Aspect and Forests (MoEF), whoever applies for Ecological Clearance of assignments has to send 20 models of a listing of the salient top features of the task and other relevant documents as approved, by their state Pollution Control Mother board so the same can be made accessible to the worried committee or agency in case a public ability to hear is conducted. The Mumbai city Ecological Action Group (BEAG) contacted the MoEF for an chance to raise objections with regard to this task. MoEF agreed to give them the chance to justify their says for rejection of the job. However, no particulars, maps, designs, designs or other information was supplied to the BEAG.

These factors show that from the beginning there's been too little transparency in the passing and Execution of the task before the eyes of regulation.

4. Proved negligence and Violations Because of Reclamation

In the case of Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India,

The Express of Maharashtra and the MMRDA provided a affirmation that no reclamation would be carried out in the Kurla Complex area no mangrove in the Mithi Normal water body and its estuary would be disposed off. There has been a evident dis-obeyance of the terms and the conditions of the

Ecological clearance notifies that "land reclamation should be maintained to the minimum, no matter what to less than 4. 7 hectares and the same should be checked closely such that it does not violate the clauses of the CRZ Notice, 1991 or as amended subsequently. " Mrs. Geeta Pardiwala a indigenous of Shivaji Area deposed prior to the IPT declaring that "initially we were informed that there would be only two pillars on the ocean website link, one at Bandra and the other at Worli. However now they are simply reclaiming more land, as it becomes cheaper for them to build the bridge. According to the 1994 Notice, any enlargement of all existing or new projects requires that not only a fresh Ecological Effect Analysis is carried out however also fresh agreement for the said job is wanted and granted. This has definitely not been adhered to regarding the Bandra-Worli Sea Website link. The present project is based on the 1992 MMRDA statement; however there are a number of contradictions to the initial advice. The Ecological Impact Section has suggestions by scientist C. V. Kulkarni that no further reclamation be allowed on the Bandra aspect, to avoid siltation in the Mahim bay and the creek area.

In task such as mentioned above, in the event new quarries should be exposed, specific approvals from the capable authority should be obtained in this respect. " This has been violated by the Mumbai city Suburban Collector who may have given the quarrying Permit. The quarry on site falls under a 'no development area', Notified in development control rules for Greater Mumbai city, 1991.

Wherever fishing or other marine activities are receiving affected, the concerned company should be consulted and their concurrence obtained for the job in question. " The fishermen influenced by the project in question were neither consulted nor was their consent obtained.

Mumbai city is geographically positioned to play sponsor to creeks and shallow waters opposite headlands. In the majority of the areas, these creeks have been blocked. Mahim Creek is mostly of the sites left where the waves can partly enter the region.

However, the Effect on the marine ecology, flora and fauna, and the possibility of initiating erosion is not researched. With Mahim creek getting shallower as a result of procedure for siltation, there is a greater hazard for seacoast like the Versova beach. The erosion here become a geological risk, and has assumed alarming probabilities.

The highway network in Mumbai city is based on three north-south corridor routes and there are incredibly few constant east-west routes. Therefore, Movement of Vehicles is concentrated over a few routes that contain become congested. Mumbai city road Movement of Vehicles has worsened by around four hundred percent in the last twenty years. It poses sizeable health issues.

The W. S. Atkins Report (1994) was commissioned by the MSRDC to research the feasibility of the Bandra-Worli Sea Hyperlink. The consequence of the report is based on a strategic transportation computer model predicated on cost and time of travel and calibrated for Mumbai city.

Undesirability of the Project

a) Effect scheduled to Blockage of Mithi Water body

The most insidious facet of the link, that will endanger the life of every indigenous person, is related to the outbreak of epidemics. Almost 800 million litres of sewage is discarded everyday in the Mahim Creek, besides the thousands of establishments that release effluents that are found in Dharavi and upstream of the Mithi Water body.

b) Financial Viability and Lack of Realistic Projections of Cost Recovery43

The generalized cost of travel for the Bandra-Worli Sea Website link is considered as the total of travel time cost, immediate cost of travel and cost of pain. By considering only inside and immediate costs borne by motorists, the job planners have never considered exterior and opportunity costs of the project

c) Problems with the Planning and Execution of the Project

It is not possible to accurately predict the behavior of the sea using a research predicated on models. Also the day used is out-of-date and the next development i. e. the EPA of 1986 and the CRZ Legislation of 1991 have never been considered. Further, the CWPRS statement goes on to state that the structure of the bridge is improbable to generate any unfavorable condition along the expenses. However as we have seen, this is certainly not right, and among other thing in relation to Livings, floods and mangroves the negative Effect has already been being experienced

Most experts agree that Socio-economic and financial tools can help achieve ecological development. Issues associated with travel are so complexly mixed with other issues, such as agricultural land use and demographic and ethnical developments that only a coherent group of policy measures will work. Obviously, policy advice must be made on the case-by case basis; however some generalized techniques can be suggested. Transportation policy strategies should contain Socio-economic, institutional, scientific, information and land-use reforms. Balanced strategy should arranged standards that can be used to achieve full-cost recovery, inform consumers, provide options for these people and integrate public and metropolitan planning.


It is recognized from the above discussed article that not just one, but several areas of the Ecological Laws of the country have been violated in the proceedings of this project.

The project as is organized will only seek to get rid of the problem of vehicular air pollution and Movements of Vehicles especially in the Worli-Haji Ali Area which has already been severely congested scheduled to lack of space.

The most annoying part of the project is the fact in depth research using current data never have been used to calculate the Ecological Aftereffect of the job on the site's coastline, mangrove forests and marine ecology, which till date remains a major flaw in the plan.

Lastly as there's been no survey started to elicit how much the natives are willing to pay for the utilization of the bridge it should not wrap up being another white Elephant to the State's exchequer.

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