The Company Bharti Airtel

Bharti Enterprises is one of India 's leading business teams with passions in telecom, agri business, insurance and retail. Bharti has been a pioneering pressure in the telecom sector with many firsts and improvements to its credit. BhartiAirtel Small, a group company, is one of India 's leading private sector providers of telecommunications services spanning mobile, fixed brand, broadband and business services. BhartiAirtel was just lately ranked amongst the very best 10 best performing companies on earth available Week IT 100 list and emerged as 'The Second most respected Brand' in the most respected Brand 2007 survey

BhartiAirtel is structured into three tactical business units - Mobile services, Broadband & Telephone (B&T) services and Business services. The mobile business provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles. The B&T business provides broadband & cell phone services in 94 places. The Enterprise services provide end-to-end telecom solutions to commercial customers and nationwide & international long distance services to providers. Each one of these services are given under the Airtel brand. Airtel's high-speed optic fibers network presently spans over 40, 000 kms covering all the major cities in the united states. The company has two international landing channels in Chennai that connects two submarine cable tv systems - i2i to Singapore and SEA-ME-WE-4 to Europe

Business divisions:

Mobile services

Airteltelemedia services

Digital TV services




BhartiAirtel and Radio Mirchi start Mirchi Mobile on Airtel


BhartiAirtel launches Airtel World SIM for international travelers at the onset of the travel season


BhartiAirtel launches Live Aarti on mobile - now pay attention to live prayers from some of the holiest places of worship in India


BhartiAirtel Limited put up the following news update on its website


BhartiAirtel Limited published the following reports update on its website


Now record Tv set from your mobile with 'Airtel digital Tv set Recorder'


Our vision is to be the most admired brand in India by 2010.

http://www. airtel. in/wps/wcm/connect/6359c48049c2b5faac36bdc30aab7fec/double-arrow-small. gif?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=6359c48049c2b5faac36bdc30aab7fec Loved by more customers.

http://www. airtel. in/wps/wcm/connect/6359c48049c2b5faac36bdc30aab7fec/double-arrow-small. gif?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=6359c48049c2b5faac36bdc30aab7fec Targeting top expertise.

http://www. airtel. in/wps/wcm/connect/6359c48049c2b5faac36bdc30aab7fec/double-arrow-small. gif?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=6359c48049c2b5faac36bdc30aab7fec Benchmarked by more businesse


As an final result of the restructuring exercise conducted within the company; a new involved organizational structure has surfaced; with realigned functions, responsibilities and reporting romantic relationships of Bharti's key team players. With result from March 01, 2006, this unified management framework of 'One Airtel' will enable persisted improvement in the delivery of the Group's tactical vision.

"What counts is what the clients want. . ":Sunil Mittal, CEO Bharti Teleserviceshttp://www. airtel. in/wps/wcm/connect/3650fd804ce75602b246b322047d86fe/Organization-Structure-big-img. jpg?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=3650fd804ce75602b246b322047d86fe


PEST Analysis


1985-Division of Telecommunications (DOT) was established to develop telecom industry.

Earlier Tariff rates were high scheduled to high fees. Now it become minimum on the planet.

Government has replaced license fees with income sharing structure and lengthened the certificate period from 10 to 20 years.


Perception " as a brand of the successful people. "

Social position.

"Person to person advertising. "


Earlier Inflation rates were higher.

Great economic expansion & prolonged development of India's current economic climate registered a growth of 21%.


First cellular service to provide roaming services and other value added services.

Efficient customer care service.

E-commerce site.

Introduced and involves in broadband services, long distance services, and internet services.

SWOT Analysis BhartiAirtel


BhartiAirtel has more than 65 million customers (July 2008). It's the largest cellular service provider in India, and also provides broadband and mobile phone services - as well as many other telecommunications services to both home and corporate customers.

Other stakeholders in BhartiAirtel include Sony-Ericsson, Nokia - and Sing Tel, with whom they hold a proper alliance. This means that the business has usage of knowledge and technology from other parts of the telecommunications world.

The company has protected the complete Indian nation using its network. This has underpinned its large and rising customer platform.


An often cited original weakness is that whenever the business was started out by Sunil Bharti Mittal over 15 years back, the business enterprise has little knowledge and connection with how a cellular cell phone system actually did the trick. So the start-up business was required to outsource to skillfully developed in the field.

Until just lately Airtel did not own its own towers, that was a particular strength of some of its competition such as Hutchison Essar. Towers are important if your organization desires to provide extensive coverage nationally.

The simple fact that the Airtel hasn't taken off a package with South Africa's MTN could sign having less any real rising market investment chance for the business once the Indian market has become mature.


The company has a personalized version of the Yahoo search engine that may boost broadband services to customers. The tie-up with Google can only improve the Airtel brand, and also provides advertising opportunities in Indian for Yahoo.

Global telecommunications and new technology brands see Airtel as an integral tactical player in the Indian market. The new iPhone will be launched in India via an Airtel distributorship. Another tactical partnership is held with BlackBerry Cellular Solutions.

Despite having to outsource a lot of its technical functions in the early times, this allowed Airtel to work from its blank sheet of newspaper, and question industry approaches and tactics - for example exchanging the Revenue-Per-Customer model with a Revenue-Per-Minute model which is better suited to India, as the company transferred into small and remote control villages and cities.

The company is buying its operation in 120, 000 to 160, 000 small villages each year. It recognizes that less well-off consumers may only have the ability to manage a few tens of Rupees per call, and also so that the business benefits are scalable - using its 'Matchbox' strategy.

BhartiAirtel is getting into another joint venture with Vodafone Essar and Idea Cellular to create a new self-employed tower company called Indus Towers. This home based business will control more than 60% of India's network towers. IPTV is another potential new service that could underpin the business's long-term strategy.


Airtel and Vodafone seem to be to be having an on/off relationship. Vodafone which owned or operated a 5. 6% stake in the Airtel business sold it back to Airtel, and instead committed to its rival Hutchison Essar. Knowledge and technology previously available to Airtel now moves into the hands of 1 of its opponents.

The quickly changing rate of the global telecommunications industry could tempt Airtel to complement the acquisition trail which might make it vulnerable if the planet goes into recession. Perhaps this is an impact upon the decision not to proceed with discusses the purchase of South Africa's MTN in May 2008. This opened the entranceway for discussions between Reliance Communication's Anil Ambani and MTN, allowing a fighting Inidan industrialist to purchase the new emerging African telecommunications market.

BhartiAirtel could also be the target for the takeover eyesight of other global telecommunications players that wish to transfer to the Indian market.

Airtel comes to you from BhartiAirtel Limited, India's largest integrated and the first private telecom services provider with a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles. BhartiAirtel since its inception has been at the forefront of technology and has steered the course of the telecom sector in the united states with its world class products and services. The firms at BhartiAirtel have been structured into three specific strategic business units (SBU's) - Mobile Services, AirtelTelemedia Services & Business Services.




On the basis of Geography

divided Indian market in telecom circles.

Subdivided Expresses into category A, B and C.


Earlier class above age group of 25 years.

Corporate people and business men.

Again targeted youth by presenting YOUTOPIA plan.

Targeted women and senior citizens by introducing postpaid plans.


Tagline- "power to retain in touch".

Positioned in premium category targeted at elite category of population.

Perception of aspirational and lifestyle brand.

Airtel determined that the brand should always connote management - be it in network, improvements, offerings or services

Sponsored game titles like Golfing.


Tagline- "touch tomorrow".

Started to recording mass market.

New look and the feel of the brand brand indicated the key ideals of the brand i. e. management, performance and dynamism.


Tagline- "Live Every Moment in time".

Brand Ambassador

Sachin Tendulkar

Shahrukh Khan


The advertisement which changed the whole look of Airtel in the minds of Indian consumers was full with feelings and reactions, which will experience in a lifetime.

Again Repositioning

Tagline- "Express Yourself. "

Changed its company logo to give more vigorous and younger look.

Advertisements in local languages with mental touch.

Advertisements were made to highlight the capability of Airtel's network coverage.

Again airtel aspires higher penetration with new market segmentation strategy.

Segmentation is the new mantra in the wireless space. Airtel has announced its new market segmentation strategy, aimed at developing segmented products that appeal to a specific consumer segment, leading to increased penetration of cordless phones.

Segmentation is the next big thrust for Bharti and Airtel so far as wireless market is concerned. Penetration level in the 15 -19-time age group is merely three per cent

. Goal Airtel will concentrate on the younger era with prepaid plan 'Friendz'. This includes phone-to-phone (P2P) recharge facility, enabling the consumer to transfer discussion time and validity to any Airtel prepaid subscriber. In addition comes the benefits of 'Hot Location' tariffs where AirtelFriendz customers can enjoy tariff savings at pre-designated places within the city.

POSITIONING(USP) Airtel'sFriendz card, coming in at Rs 249, is the one 64kb SIM on pre-paid segment. The list of offerings includes the FriendzChat feature, permitting a group of up to five visitors to talk between themselves at a discounted rate of 50 paise each and every minute. Additionally, the feature permits a person to Text up to 15 friends simultaneously at just Rs 3.

"To drive market growth, it is imperative that we get in touch with the consumer sections which may have not yet been tackled directly.

AIRTEL segmentation strategy aspires towards understanding the need gaps of specific consumer sections and create special products for these people. .

For women, Airtel has created a particular post-paid plan with a regular monthly rentals of Rs 150, based on reviews received from general market trends.

Identifying the need of senior citizens, the 'Senior' plan offers a discount using one STD amount and one local quantity. Youngsters, women and senior citizens being the first few initiatives by Airtel, the returning days will witness further progress in this category.



Mobile services:BhartiAirtel offers GSM mobile services in every the 23-telecom circles of India and it is the most significant mobile provider in the united states, based on the amount of customers.


» Recharge Online

» Tariff

» Roaming

» Handsets


» Pay bills

» Tariff

» Roaming

» Handsets


» BlackBerry Personal mail

» BlackBerry Internet

» BlackBerry devices

» Your account


» Glass windows mobile 6. 5



Airteltelemedia services

Broadband services

Fixed line services

Wireless Internet

» Devices

» Tariff

» Reach Airtel



Calling Cards

» International Getting in touch with Cards

» Airtel Call Home

» Airtel World Getting in touch with Cards


Enterprises services

Corporate: The business enterprise unit offers end to get rid of telecom solutions to India's large corporates. It will serve as the solo point of contact for those telecommunication needs for corporate and business customers in India by providing full suite of communication services across data, voice and maintained services.

It specializes in providing customized answers to talk about unique requirements of different industry verticals; BFSI, IT, ITeS, Processing and distribution, marketing, education, telecom, Government and PSUs and retail amongst others.

These services include; Internet, MPLS -VPN, local and international private leased circuits, Dish services (VSAT), Sound & Video tutorial conferencing, Data centre services, Managed network services, corporate and business value added services, EPBX, Centrex, Contact centre solutions.

Carriers :Carrier business device provides long distance low cost tone of voice and data services to carrier customers as well as to other sections of Airtel. In addition, it offers virtual calling credit card services in the abroad markets.

The international infrastructure includes possession of the i2i submarine wire system connecting Chennai to Singapore, consortium possession of the SMW4 submarine wire system and investment in capacities across a number of diverse submarine wire systems across transatlantic and transpacific routes. In recent past it has declared investment funds in new cable tv systems such as Asia America Gateway (AAG), India Midsection East and European European countries (IMEWE), Unity North, & EIG (Europe India Gateway).

Digital Television services:Uncover the magical experience of digital enterainment with Airtel. From Disc quality picture and sound, the best and widest variety of stations and programmes to the best on-demand content on Airtel Live, your television set taking a look at experience change forever with digital Television set from Airtel!


At bhartiairtel lower costing strategy is used as anticipated to large number of competitors on the market like idea, Vodafone andnowdays DOCOMO so they choose to check out low pricing strategy.

Advance Local rental Plan (Rs. 250+250 for 24 months. )

Airtel Value 299 (Rs 250+250, , monthly hire 299 get conversation time of Rs 299 in local. )

Airtel regular prepaid price of pack Rs. 99

AirtelYuva Price of Load up Rs300 + 300min free A2A


As competition in the telecom market intensified, BHARTI AIRTEL took new initiatives to woo customers. Prominent among these were -

celebrity endorsements,

loyalty rewards,

discount coupons

business solutions

talk time schemes.

Express Yourself"

Enhanced Network

Happy Recharge

Tie-ups with companies

Handset Offers

AIRTEL has used most amount of celebrities for advertising. The list includes-Sachin, Shahrukh khan, Rehmaan, Saif Ali Khan, KareenaKapoor, Zaheer Khan Etc. The main consumer segments in the mobile industry were the young ones segment and the business class segment. The youth segment was the major and most effective growing segment and was therefore targeted most heavily by cellular company.

The popular techniques that are carried out by Airtel Broadband for sales advertising at Mysore are as follows-

Point of purchase exhibits- when a person walks into any Airtel store anyone can find an array of point of purchase displays regarding broadband connection. Whenever a consumer steps into a store he/she perceives these displays and this turns out to willingness to get.

Tele calling- If you're creating a Airtel landline at home the Airtel customer support calls the clients at regular intervals to build awareness and teach them about their broadband links and huge offers.

Sales Professionals- sales professionals of Airtel gather database and approach to the consumers who are having Aitrtel landlines and who have a personal laptop or computer at their place they promote their broadband services by explaining the features and offers at length.

By directmail- this is another way of sales campaign where in the brochures and leaflets of broadband service are submitted along with the landline expenses to the buyer. In this manner the buyer is attracted towards broadband service.

Billboards, print marketing and banners etc are being used broadly as sales promotional solutions to appeal to consumers.

Along with these Airtel also undertakes advertising and sales promotional activities aggressively by sponsoring in industry events & events plus they also participate in fairs and exhibitions locally.

4)PLACE Blend:

Distribution sites of bhartiairtel:

Channel companions:airtel is been associated with best route partners from starting. these are





It's reach addresses almost all over India with tie-ups with other companies

Presence in every the 23 circles

Largest coverage area - Delhi and NCR

It comes with an installed basic of 40, 000 cellsites and 59% people coverage

Geographic region:, BhartiAirtel has placed into place a network of on-the-ground, experienced and incentivised sales and marketing workers. The groups there build both direct customer relationships as well as indirect programs (through handset manufacturer, . )

Retailers: Sellers are mainly mobile handset outlets, telephone booths, mobile servicing and repairing retailers and other shops which are strategically located and from where customer can buy the products and services. Retailer gets 3% discount from RDs/UDs on their billing to RDs/UDs. Thus store works together with 3% margin on all its sales.

Rural distributers: They are known as RD and can be located at blocks and towns. For every 5000 inhabitants there must be a rural distributor. It distributes the products, services and promotion material in specified territory and in charge of even attainment of goal of SIM activation and recharge without encroaching into other distributor's territories.

Urban vendors: These are known as UD and located at District HQ. It distributes the products, easy balance, services and campaign material to store in designated urban areas of a district and responsible for easy attainment of goal of SIM activation and recharge without encroaching into other distributor's territories.

Second order distributers: Company makes invoice of SIMs, PEFs, GSM Pay Cell phones, RCVs of varied denominations chiefly Rs. 10, Rs 30 and Rs. 60 to only Urban Vendors and Rural Super Marketers. Easy balance is also transferred to only Urban Distributors (UDs) and Rural Supers (RS).

Urban distributors spread the above items to retailers based on the demand and transfer easy balance to retailer through FOS SIM. Therefore, this setup of distribution is Second Degree which is more suited to catering to the need of urban areas.

Third order distributers: RS distributes these items to Rural Distributors often called RDs and exchanges easy balance into Rural Vendors SIM. Rural Distributor then distribute these items among the retailer in line with the demand of it and transfer easy balance to retailer through FOS SIM from easy balance of Distributor SIM. This three level syndication is used to attain to sub metropolitan and rural areas.


Airtel maintains a top ability in company as there exists battle for a top talent

Its hires a right people for the right job

Intiates long term HR strategy to attract, maintain and best ability in company

Talent management process where people hire for higher position among their existing employees and ideal for their career advancement programs. (sucession planning)

Leadership expertise pool: done at functioning levels face to face training is given and greater empowerment at operating level

Emphasis on professional enterpreneurs in the company

People management at middle and lower level

Tie up with top insititutes for advanced learning for his or her empolyees.

People development key centered area of airtel and focused on pay back and recongnition strategies(long run motivation plan, performance centric rewads)

Online compensation system for his or her employees.

Flexi-time policy (worklife balance)


There isn't a lot of differentiation in conditions of pricing, services, schemes etc, but there are variations in methodology. Overall, Airtel is targeted on functionality and efficiency

First to begin Customer centres - Airtel Connect

Now becoming Romance Centres - one shop to pay bills, ask queries, buy new cell phones, surf the net and revel in a glass of coffee

Head Office in Delhi


Process adopted at bhartiairtel is

New connection:

First of all coustomer will accumulate a valuable and important information for getting nn and availing a new connection for any telecom services the positive word of mouth and very easily, reliable and most convenient method will attract the customers and promotions strategies will be followed forcustomer interest and large foundation. ( super star endorsements,

loyalty reward, discount coupons, business solutions, talk time schemes. , Express Yourself", Enhanced Network, Happy Recharge. etc. .

After gathering all information regarding the company the client will subscribe for the service and front side office employees provides all valuable support and clear information regardinfg the new interconnection then documentation and verification will be achieved by back stage employees and support processes to varify the info given by the client and maintain record than it and start the service.

Customer satisfaction in order to sustain existing customer and make them delightful the company should Value added services through messaging will be offered as a differentiator, while simultaneously offering providers the opportunity to maximize ad revenue

Some types of customer centric VAS:

Location services

Mobile shopping

Appointment scheduling

Content rich text messages as an alternative to emails

Mobile Community Networking

Unified database integrated with all channels of communication

Ensures all customer relationships are influenced by the same set of data

Providing quick image resolution to customer queries

Ability to see complete background of customer relationships, customer orders and in-depth customer profile by call middle agents

Driving concentrated marketing promotions and recommending the most relevant offers by analyzing customer getting in touch with behavior


The airtel very successfully manage the client expectations like

They first done a review to comprehend the what customer expect about their service system

Tell them that they should expect like offerings various strategies and value added services

They provide uniformity in their services 24 hrs service with useful service delivery.

The staff(front office employees )and the customer care service on a regular basis supply the effective communication to the client expectations. Direct contact with customers with regard to proper utilization of their devices.

They enhance the service if there any problem or defect arises and repair and substitute service without any cost.

They follow various programs to deal with dissatisfied customers and follow up program by sending SMS to be able to learn their satisfaction level.

The Functional Dimension

The role of the technology is to make thing easier for the consumers. Airtel has been very successful in simplifying the utilization of mobile services by modifying the technology to suit the common users. Even the easiest of the buyer can use the products and services.

Airtel says, "Your world of communication just received simpler. "

The Social Dimension

Airtel is an established brand to be associated with. I satisfy my esteem and it gives me possibility to be a part of the culture. It really is associated with advanced of public value.

The Spiritual Dimension

"Building telecom, building romantic relationships. " It is important to be in touch with the family members and dear ones but this can be done today through the mobile communication. Airtel motivates everyone to become more involved with building relationships and multiply the enjoyment.

The Mental Dimension

Airtel offers me the chance to "Express Myself. " The concept is clear to most probably and daring expressing. The expression gives me a whole lot of pleasure and an opportunity to feel that I am another individual and also have the right to communicate.


"We at Airtel always think in fresh and progressive ways about the needs in our customers and how we want these to feel. We deliver what we should promise and walk out our way to delight the client with a bit more"

The customer rate the overall quality of the service quality on the the foundation of the next factors:

Reliability: The customer get the service from airtel as promised with their customers, Forget about looking forward to dial-up to connect. Reduction of error level at airtel services.

Responsiveness : the airtel telecom services always inform customers as whwn service will be performed and provide fast service to customers and always prepared to help the clients whenever any issue develops so If any grievance is seen from the customers, it ought to be dealt quickly.

Assurance: the airtel services provide confidence with their customers for the ventures they made Airtel along with F-Secure, one of the better in Laptop or computer security, provides you with something that attempts to answer a Broadband customer's most regularly asked question "Is my Personal computer safe?". Superior server technology and a dedicated dock provide total security to data storage and information exchange through the web.

Empathy : The 24x7 customer support unit allows you to serve better. It works for round-the-clock, 365 times a year. The client feedbacks are carried out meticulously.

Tangibles :The airtel has a world course infrastructure & end-to-end digital network and. BhartiAirtel since its inception, has been at the forefront of technology and has pioneered several improvements in the telecom sector having best Trained and professional customer care executives


C:\Users\acer\Documents\Downloads\Picture 002. jpg


When I go to airtel branch in Jalandhar to begin with I wil start to see the physical proof the centre the infrastructure, , the parking place the positioning the design of the centreetc.

Line of connections :The buiding of centre was good and there is proper parking place for the vehicles and the servicescape(gadgets, existence of no. ofphones, even of staff) was appealing and I give the information about myself and accumulate yhe information about the number of techniques available at that time and I will accumulate the receipt or record.

Line of awareness: here the on level staff take call and make me aware regarding all the information I wanted and then I made face to face connections with him and make my all queries clear regarding the new number and make my enrollment and send my all information to backstage employees for further verification regarding my personal information.

Line of inner connection :Here the backstage staff staff will srrange reaching of me with the front staff and will maintain files of mine and make all business deal to make the onstage worker to work easier beside me and help in all the fundamental information he required to make interaction with me.

Support techniques: in this the support staff provide help in the planning of documents making registration, erification of the data provided by me and then after confirmation delivered it to onstage personnel by means of apporoval so they quite simply supply the support to onstage empolyees in providing the services


AIRTEL make their customer always happt if their any complain comes from them they respond quickly and effectively and always make their customer fully satisfied.

They make the right always the first time

Act quickly

Empower their employees to resolve the problem

Provide them adequate explanations if any service failure occurs

Treat customers fairely

They prvideguranntees to their customers

Service Benchmarks:

Airtel commits to provide you accurate, easy to comprehend, timely expenses month after month. Should anyone ever need clarifications or even more information you can always get in touch with us and we shall by pleased to help. Inside the improbable event that you place any inaccuracies, we request you to take it to our notice and we assure you that bill disputes lifted by you'll be resolved within a month of sign up.

Airtel strives to guarantee the best of service levels for you. We endeavor to achieve the following bench marks for the following activities: Service Parameter

Time Limit for service question or redressal of complaint

Activating your mobile phone connection

Within two times of receiving your completed program along with all requisite documentation

Service Complaints

Within 7 working days

Termination of Connection

Within twenty four hours

Resolving your billing complaints/ queries

All billing problems will be settled within four weeks.


All refunds and roll-backs will be conducted within four weeks from night out of image resolution of complaints

Refunding your debris (Refundable components) after resolution of outstanding charges

Within sixty days and nights after disconnection/termination

Complaint Redressal Process: Aiding You at Three Levels

1. First Level: Contact Center

In case you get our services do not meet your prospects, please feel absolve to contact us, either at our CUSTOMER SUPPORT center, or at one of your offices, or at an Airtel Marriage Center.

You could reach our CUSTOMER SUPPORT team by:

1. Phoning us toll-free at 121 for queries

2. Sending us an SMS at 121

3. Mailing us a contact at

4. Getting in touch with us toll-free at 198 for Complaints

We will log your matter, giving you a Service Request number (complaint registration quantity), which is a unique identification number for your problem. We enables you to know a timeline where your concern will be fixed. We will resolve your entire concerns in line with the timelines promised.

2. Second Level: Nodal Officer

Should you fail to get an answer after phoning our contact middle, we have appointed a Nodal Officer for each Group. The Nodal Officer is your point of escalation for such cases. You may contact him/her by getting in touch with, or sending a contact or a letter. Annexure 1 provides list of all Nodal Officer and their contact details.

Please keep in mind:

1. The working time for Nodal Officer are between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm from Mon to Fri.

2. The Nodal Official will provide you with a Unique Guide number within 3 days and nights of confirming the issue

3. Please allow Nodal Official 10 working days for image resolution.

3 Third Level: The Appellate Authority

Should the Nodal Officer be unable to take care of your grievance to your satisfaction, you could approach another level, the Appellate Expert. As usual, you might contact him on his phone number, or mailing him an email, or sending him a notice at the Circle Office address.


As for the customers it is difficult for them to evaluate the services due to intangibility nature they count on tangible cues these are:

Facility exterior

Interior design

When I visited centre of airtel branch the servicescape was quite appealing because there was proper building, parking center available, effective encompassing like proper gardening, waiting around area.

And after i went into the office the type of interior design was good the employees are properly uniformed and well groomed, properA. c facility available.

In telecom services there is excellent complexity in the servicescape as anticipated to versions in form and consumption for services

And service usage in case there is telecommunication is the Remote control SERVICE, which has no or little customer participation with the servicescape.

The basic role the servicescape takes on are:

Differentiator :Bhartiairtel differentiate itself from its rivals it uses the correct signage, colors used in decors and displays. THE BUSINESS has made certain that the waiting time in the Airtel world is low. The Company has made the systems as the Customer wants.

Package:The packaging role Is specially very important in creating anticipations of new the onstage personnel of the airtel are properly dressed up and they Communicate what they provide" And make the intangible thing Tangible.

Socializer:We at Airtel always think in fresh and ground breaking ways about the needs of the customers and how we want these to feel. We deliver everything we promise and go out of our way to joy the client with a little bit more

sales professionals of Airtel gather database and approach to the consumers who are having Aitrtel landlines and who have a personal computer or laptop at their place they promote their broadband services by describing the features and will be offering at length.

Employees role operating delivery in bhartiairtel

Employee performs an important and great role in providing the services because they are they are:

Are the services

They will be the organization in the eye of customers

They are brand

They are marketers

As the bhartiairtel work with a experienced and well trained staff so that they are well productive in delivering the services to the customers. The staff(front side office employees )and the client care service constantly supply the effective communication to the customer expectations. Direct connection with customers in regards to to proper utilization of their phones.

The 24x7 customer care unit helps you to provide better. It works for round-the-clock, 365 days and nights a year. The customer feedbacks are completed with great care.

The employees of airtel are well uniformed and grooomed and actas brand of the company by providing right and exact servies to the clients their employees happy and well environment to work as if they are satisfied then only they can gain the client loyalty. like

Tie up with top insititutes for advanced learning for his or her empolyees.

People development key concentrated area of airtel and centered on pay back and recongnition strategies(long term incentive plan, performance centric rewads)

Online payment system because of their employees.

Flexi-time plan (worklife balance)

So onstage employee play great role by causing interaction dealing with the questions, entailfeedback, value added services and always pleased(emotional labor) and ready to deliver the services anytime.

Customers role in service delivery

In bhartiairtel the customers presence is modest required here the customers is only visit onetime office and ask for the business deal to the onstage emplyees later on all proceeding is performed by employees and their support processes.

The Company has made the systems as the client want

at Airtel always think in fresh and ground breaking ways about the needs of the customers and how exactly we want those to feel. We deliver everything we promise and go out of our way to joy the client with a bit more.

Airtel has been very successful in simplifying the utilization of mobile services by modifying the technology to suit the common users. Even the easiest of the buyer can use the merchandise and services.

Airtel says, "Your world of communication just acquired simpler. "

Building telecom, building human relationships. " It is important to maintain touch with the relatives and dear ones but this can be done today through the mobile communication. Airtel promotes everyone to be more involved with building connections and distributed the happiness.

Integrated service marketing communication

The bhartiairtel follow a differentapproaches:

Manage customer expectations: They provide reliability in their services 24 hrs service with effective service delivery.

The staff(front side office employees )and the customer care service constantly supply the effective communication to the customer expectations. Direct contact with customers with regard to proper utilization with their phones.

They enhance the service if there any problem or defect arises and repair and replacement service with no cost.

They follow various programs to cope with dissatisfied customers and follow-up program by sending SMS in order to know their satisfaction level.

Improve customer education: The airtel supply the customer easier gathering information about the airtel by searching on googleairtel live. M-Commerce has a distinctive advantages namely flexibility. Through the cellular phone, consumers can perform business transactions without having to be fixed at a pc terminal or being literally present at the shop. Essentially, M-Commerce offers personalization and real time deals while on the movethe airtel telecom services always advise customers as when service will be performed and provide fast service to customers and always ready to help the customers whenever any issue develops so If any grievance is detected from the clients, it should be dealt quickly.

Manage interior marketing communication:the Airtel mage the internal communication by Empowering People - to do their best Being Adaptable - to adapt to the changing environment and growing customer needs Making it Happen - by striving to change the status quo, innovate and energize new ideas with a solid interest and entrepreneurial soul Openness and transparency - with an initiate aspire to do good Creating Positive Impact - with a desire to create a significant difference in culture.

Delivering services through intermediaries:

The bhartiairtel deliver the services through Sales & Distribution strategies

A multi-regional marketing and sales team builds both direct and indirect sales channels. Local organizations are in charge of the definition of the sales & marketing strategies, and programs for their respected territories. Each region also provides significant inputs and reviews of the organization tactical sales, marketing, and product way.

In order to capitalize on the opportunities in each geographic region, BhartiAirtel has put into place a network of on-the-ground, experienced and incentivised sales and marketing staff. The clubs there build both direct customer connections as well as indirect programs (through handset company, Network Solutions Company, etc. )

Retailers: Vendors are mainly mobile handset retailers, telephone booths, mobile servicing and restoring shops and other outlets which are strategically located and from where customer can buy the merchandise and services. Merchant gets 3% discount from RDs/UDs on their billing to RDs/UDs. Thus dealer works together with 3% margin on all its sales.

Field officials: FOS is manpower of UDs and RDs, who on behalf of them sell the SIM, RCVs, Easy balance etc. to sellers under his given beat. They are only manpower of the vendors who works on the market.

Urban distributers: These are known as UD and located at Region HQ. It distributes the products, easy balance, services and campaign material to store in designated urban areas of an area and responsible for easy attainment of target of SIM activation and recharge without encroaching into other distributor's.

Rural distibuters: These are known as RD and can be located at blocks and cities. For every 5000 people there should be a rural distributor. It distributes the products, services and campaign material in designated territory and in charge of easy attainment of aim for of SIM activation and recharge without encroaching into other distributor's territories

Conclusion :

Airtel is one of the powerful brand in India and it's been successful in creating a solid impression on the consumer minds using its diverse products and offerings to consumers on a huge scale to provide its customers at its bestThe security and safety of Airtel network is ranked very well by most of its customers. Safeness of data is very important in any type of organization. Airtel using its own Computer security collection helps organizations protect its data from robbery and avoids it from dangerous attacks.

After sales service plays essential part of customer satisfaction. More than 10% customers have complaints about the after sales service of Airtel broadband. But lots of customers have reported it excellent and incredibly good.

Customers feel Airtel broadband was much better than other competitive products of the same category. . The entire satisfaction level is high among customers.


I would like to give my suggestions that your company can utilize:-

The customer rate quality of the service as the most relevant one and hence Airtel Broadband services should keep up with the quality in services and really should make improvements in this feature.

Some customers are preparing to discontinue because of high billing and after sales service is not good. Though it is a tiny percentage the business should focus on these to keep the brand image in the minds of people.

If any complaint is detected from the clients, it ought to be dealt quickly. This will certainly reduce the opportunity for dissatisfaction.

Many dissatisfied customers asked to find out more about other ideas or change of plans. .

Lack of understanding about the ideas is high among customers. So the company must definitely provide an awareness program about the specialised plans for the coffee lover.

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