The Company Magners Cider Marketing Essay

"Global logics can be explained as an activity to find out globalisation with successive measurements, each taken separately, and interpreted for showing habits. " The existence of global logics means that the company recognizes the necessity to find a appropriate response to address matter regarding globalisation. The nonattendance of global logics specifies that issues of globalisation are not correctly attended to. The knowledge of these logics has been beneficial to decrease the complexity to globalise a firm(Jeannet n. d. ).

Magners cider has always fostered the system of earning the right product available to the individuals at the right place. In France people tend to drink for pleasure and less likely to "binge out", the French people consume slightly more alcoholic beverages than their neighbours Britain (also biggest consumers of magners cider), this is because of the actual fact that French like to have drinks during meals, & most French men do not find it smart to get drunk. 4/5th of the magners consumers under age 24 like to drink in the pub, only a tenth of customers choose magners over club. Additionally it is a fact that men are most likely to consume cider than women. Nevertheless, woman would prefer to acquire cider in a garden or a part, cider is not regarded as a drink they would have with food (Just-drinks 2010). Magners has catered the global customer needs and advantages of its products considering the segmental and physical differences. The primary quality of the merchandise is the fact its natural drink made from apples. That is great competitive advantage with a world full of food additives. Also the death count in france is high these days, so people are considering switching to healthier drink options which can prove to be very helpful for magners. Also cider has fewer calories than beer, which can make it appealing to health conscious people especially women(Keynote 2009). That is why the company will make sure that Magners cider is shown with apples and dished up on snow in each advertisements. Magners will bolster cider by displaying it as a mixture of seventeen different kinds of apples. In a nutshell, the company wants to show the merchandise as a traditional company with a great experience that manufactures a distinctive natural product. It's very essential to have an intense promotional plan, because it is very difficult to keep up such promotion activities for a long period, so it is essential to own two levels of communication:

Intense Communication during the launch phase to increase brand awareness

Long term communication to have a presence in peoples mind (Appendix 2).

3. 2 Global Competition Logic

When competition creates a powerful controversy to practise globalisation, global rival logic is necessary. In a few sectors a company encounters different set of competitors in various marketplaces, point towards low rival reasoning; same is the case of magners in france. The customary cider distilled in France was once not so popular because of negative image and declining sales, but it is essential to provide emphasis to space for progress in the sector especially in the on the ice cider which magners is famous for; to aid this declaration French brewer that was experiencing rapid decrease in the beer market for 25 years has decided to enter cider market with its "Apple frost drink" and looking to sell 25, 000 bushels in its primary year of launch, this will be the key competition in the on the snow cider market (Perkins n. d. ).

Also MDD (Marque de Distributeur) has greatest cider market show of 41. 5%, Loc Raison has 22. 5% and Ecusson and Autres has 10% each(Keynote 2010).

3. 3 Global Regulatory Logic

Alcohol consumption patterns and drinks preferences change from country to country. All countries have different laws and regulations regarding usage and minimum necessary for it. It can be said that global regulatory logic is high, because polices change from country to country and France has been very stringent about its amendment. In France liquor kills about 45, 000 people and costs 17. 6 thousand millions each year.

In 2005, the parliament of France amended a law on alcohol advertisement called the Evin laws, which was the consequence of consensus between general public health specialists and consensus wine beverages firm owner (Keynote 2011). This rules allows using objective characteristics during campaign but bans any form of qualitative arguments. The manufacturers of wine beverages can use facts such as physical area, explanation about color and flavor (Bremer n. d. ) (Perkins n. d. ).

The deficiency of social problems in France scheduled to alcohol is because drinking is very costly in pubs, so teenagers usually purchase very less from pubs and then move to home. France has no intention to follow the road of its neighbour Britain when binge taking in is involved. Regulators have the power to remove the bar from its permit, and people are advise carry DIY breath trials kits to confirm themselves before driving a car. Alcopop (beverages including distilled alcohol) was intensely criticised and federal government taxed them out disagreement (EPHA 2007)(Hennessey & Jeannet n. d. ).

3. 4 Global Information Logic

Information acquirement by customers is very important factor for global marketing strategies, it's a way how consumers scrutinize the environment, the various types of multimedia they face and exactly how much they are willing to happen to be acquire certain information. Magners has always relied heavily on Tv set advertising, but in France there are legal outcomes of promoting alcohol on television and is firmly forbidden. But magners has always spent heavily on marketing and advertising and can use other types of effective advertising. Magners will focus on radio advertising, and other forms of outdoor advertising such billboards and bus stop advertisements. One should keep in mind alcohol campaign in France must transfer a moderate message(Bremer n. d. ). These types of promotion are best way to focus on orchards orange through seasoned afflicted life style. Magners has a hard task of overcoming cynical and hesitant audiences to converse the right communication of brand. History promotional campaigns have seen magners create outdoor implementations to affect "natural apple" proposition. Advertising has been central part of magners admittance in the international market. Global information logic here is strong as magners as always relied on TV, radio, press, advert boards in every of the countries it performs (except Television set in France)(Martin 2007).

Marketing Strategies

Target Group

Primary target Group: Magners cider major focus on group would be young singles aged between 18-34. They could be either male or female as its attractive to both.

Secondary goal group: All of the people allowed consuming alcoholic beverages. Cider is a drink for all age ranges in Britain. This appearance was also to be created in France market

Our secondary goal group are quite simply all the people, who are permitted to drink alcohol. Cider is a glass or two which is consumed by people of all ages in the uk. This image is intended to be created in the French market as well.

Magners cider aims to sell the product around France. But at a short stage, the business would like to test the merchandise in big towns like Rennes, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nizza and Grenoble. Also Magners is encouraging English rugby clubs, so magners want to do the same by providing cider in French rugby locations like Auvergne, Toulouse, Perpignan and Montpellier (Appendix 1).

This statement has scrutinized the global logics applicable for Magners Cider when stepping into the French market, it come across French market and people perceptions about the product. It could be said that clear magners cider does not have any real competition in France as there are no direct competitors for direct competition for over-ice bottled cider. It's important to notice that frame of mind towards drinks is different in France, but nonetheless it has an image to be a normal, old-fashioned drink which young consumers can't stand to drink, however consumers have different perceptions for new beverages like ice cider. It's important to note that liquor advertising is prohibited in France, and there are stringent rules on these kind of advertising, nevertheless magners will look into the earlier promotional ways of overcome such hurdle and appeal to the French people, relying on heavy advertising budget of outdoor advertising etc. Stepping into French cider market is a good decision as magners brand image will help it to overcome its competition (guide & indirect) quickly.

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