The Customer Service At Supermarket | Analysis

This proposal relates to customer satisfaction at Friends Supermarket in Riviere Du Rempart. It'll assess the level of service that is delivered to all customers. Furthermore, it will help in improving client satisfaction particularly in areas where they need improvement like better quality of service.

Without an understanding of industry and customer needs and wishes, it is impossible to capture value from customers to be able to create income and customer quality. Today customers are definitely more challenging than before and businesses that don't deliver client satisfaction will be congested out of the marketplace. That why Friends Supermarket will carry a research.

A study method will be utilized where information will be collected from a aim for population. The usage of questionnaire will be studied into consideration which will be implemented through personal interviews. Besides, in order to access the main of the situation, a focus group may also be completed with the employees and the targeted ones.

Last however, not least, SPSS 13. 0, i. e, Statistical Software will be used for inputting data. With this, recommendations will be made and the record will certainly assist with assist in strengthening performance at work that is how to improve customer satisfaction. As far as it concerns the validation of the hypotheses, future research can be carried out later.

Recently Friends Supermarket has already established renovation because there were very little space for individuals to move readily. As it takes on an important role in offering the local villages, it's important to create a marketing program that gives superior value and that ultimately assists with building profitable human relationships and creating customer pleasure.

Friends Supermarket is in existence for quite a long time and nowadays other companies are expanding quickly such as WINNERS. Quite simply, Friends Supermarket managed in a very powerful environment and it becomes important to deliver good quality service to all customers. Consumers have grown to be very demanding and they want affordability. They choose to so their daily, every week and every month shopping at that Supermarket itself as it's very near and they can also save on travel expenses in some way. They have a wide array of products that fulfill them. But anticipated for some criticisms, it has been been told that some customers are dissatisfied with the grade of services being offered.


The problem that will be analysed depends upon the amount of client satisfaction that Friends Supermarket provides to its customers. As explained above, there were criticisms and grievances from, say, various customers that they do not like the services being offered and they experienced bad activities.


Customer value and client satisfaction are key building blocks for developing and handling customer human relationships. If Friends Supermarket wants to improve a customer service coverage, it must make changes through training programs and others in order to succeed and sustain its customers.

Customer service make a difference the value of the business in several ways. From perspective of customer retention and profitability, the worthiness of customer service should be disregarded. The old level- which it costs far less to keep a customer than to discover a new one is very true. So, to be able to stay competitive, Friends Supermarket must understand the value of customers in order to achieve success.


Customer Service

Today customer service places itself in a much broader context as a multi-dimensional issue with an impact on associations with specific aim for groups across a broad selection of a company's activities. The foundation of quality and customer service will also go through review.

Quality Creates true Customers

Excellent service takes care of since it creates true customers. True customers are like annuities- they keep pumping income in to the firm's coffers.

Delight the Customer

Deming has used the term 'joy customer' to spell it out quality going beyond the expected. Part of the 'joy' is reliability, something that works and is also consistent as time passes, which we call 'fitness in use'. Through quality management, we can find a structure for planning, enhancing and controlling the types of internal activities that could keep customers happy. Knowing what the customer expects is central to quality planning. Knowing what compensatory changes to make as well as how to do is quality improvement.

Understanding service quality dimensions

Reference will be made to Berry, Parasuraman and Zeithaml. Berry and his co-workers captured quite affects on customers' anticipations and perceptions of delivered service:

Reliability - capability to execute the promised service dependably, accurately and consistently. This means doing it right, over a period.

Responsiveness - quick service and determination to help customers. Speed and flexibility are involved here.

Assurance - knowledge and courtesy of personnel and their capability to encourage trust and self-confidence.

Empathy - caring, individualized focus on customers

Tangibles - Physical facilities, equipment, staff appearance, physical proof the service that conveys both useful and symbolic meaning

Clearly a few of these dimensions relate right to individuals performance and staff contact with customers.

Complaints Handling

It is similarly important to handle complaints. A major challenge is to look at a positive approach to claims so they have emerged as opportunities for the business to grow rather than as attacks that must definitely be fought off. If corrective action is subjugated to "finger pointing" and "blame allocating" then, problems become worse and organizations enter into a spiral of poor customer support and dissatisfaction.

Dealing with Unsatisfied customers

Studies show that almost all unsatisfied customers will never come right out and tell you he is unsatisfied. They simply leave silently, later sharing with everyone they know never to conduct business or obtain you. So whenever a customer complains, do not think of it as a nuisance- think of it as a worldwide chance to change that customer's brain and retain his or her business.

Here is the way to handle them for positive results:

Never dispute with a customer

Let them vent their feelings

Share your viewpoint as politely as you can

Initiate responsibility for the issue. Do not make excuses.

Empower the front-line employees to be flexible in resolving complaints. Give employees some leeway in deciding when to bend the rules.

Immediately do something to remedy the situation.


5. 1 Why this matter?

Customers are truly Ruler! This everyone knows. They are becoming more demanding plus they want satisfaction and affordability for what these are paying. There are so many supermarkets in Mauritius and this issue Customer Satisfaction seems to be an interesting one. That is why I choose the nearest supermarket to my place and decided to do the study survey.

5. 2 Aim of the study

The primary goal is to find out which areas have to be reviewed and improved. The research will help in bettering and enhancing the way Friends Supermarket can deliver service to its customers.

5. 3 Research Objectives

This study attempts to assess the level of service that emerges to customers by Friends Supermarket.

The research will show the factors that impact the level of customer service there. It will identify and analyse the specific needs of customers, their belief on the amount of service that they get and the scope to which the staff are determined and well trained and modified to deliver such as service to the customers.

5. 4 Research hypothesis

A research hypothesis has been formulated to describe whether there's a relationship between the quality of customer service offered and the staff commitment to deliver such a service. A second one has been formulated to learn whether there is a relationship between customer satisfaction and the service offered the supermarket since it you can do that individuals are unhappy even though an excellent service emerges to them, implying that we now have other factors to be looked at.

The hypothesis is really as follows:

H0 - there is absolutely no relationship between your commitment of the employees and the grade of customer service provided by the supermarket

H1: there is a relationship between your commitment of the employees and the grade of customer service provided by the supermarket.

H0 - there is absolutely no relationship between customer satisfaction and the quality of customer service delivered by the supermarket

H2: there is a relationship between customer satisfaction and the quality of customer support delivered by the supermarket.


6. 1 Introduction

According to the Market Research Contemporary society, research is defined as:

"The collection and examination of data from an example of individuals or organizations associated with their characteristics, behaviours, attitudes, opinions or possessions. It offers all varieties of marketing and sociable research such as consumer and commercial surveys, subconscious investigations, observational and panel studies" (MRS, 1994)

Many customers choose to go that supermaket as its easier for the coffee lover. Yet they expect good quality service in exchange. Friends supermarket provides them with variety of products and as much go to work, reach home later part of the, some have transfer problems, they haven't any choice than to go there and purchase. Finding out what customers expect from Friends supermarket is vital to offer quality service and market research is the primary medium for understanding customer prospects. It also helps in understanding its customers much better.

This chapter clarifies how the study will be conducted to satisfy its targets. It shows the methodology to be used and the statistical ways to be used to analyse the data. The limitations will also be taken into consideration.

6. 2 Research Design

The research design includes a clear and specialized description of the research type such as main data, extra data, qualitative and quantitative. In addition, it includes details on the choice of the technique of acquiring the data such as personal interview, target group and survey etc.

6. 2. 1 Primary data

This identifies research that has not previously been carried out and will involve the assortment of data for the collection of data for specific goal. It includes characters, memos, speeches, regulations, regulations, court decisions or some expectations, census and so on. These data are important and the information given has not been filtered or interpreted by others. Here, information available would be the inventory results, personal files among others.

6. 2. 2 Extra data

Nearly all reference point materials fall under this category. Internally, sales evaluation summaries and an total annual survey would be types of secondary sources because they are compiled from a variety of primary options.

Hence, both types of data will be utilized for the analysis. Secondary options will be obtained internally within the business whereas primary sources will be collected through personal interviews among others.

6. 2. 3 Quantitative / Qualitative

Qualitative research includes tests done on smaller groups of men and women at the preliminary stages. The target group will be of assist in order to learn the precise factors affecting customer support at Friends Supermarket.

Quantitative research will include tests done that lead to a large amount of data-like studies to obtain reactions to predetermined and standardized questions. Additionally it is valid and can be used to make predictions. Thus, questionnaires will be designed and administered to the target population to be able to get information needed.

6. 2. 4 Sampling

A sample of the populace will be adequate as targeting the complete population is time-consuming and costly.

For this study, sampling will be used for the administering of the questionnaires since they have many advantages and it is convenient too. The sampling ideas may be grouped into possibility techniques and non-probability techniques. In likelihood sampling, every factor in the population has a known non-zero probability of selection. In non-probability sampling, the probability of any particular member of the populace being chosen is anonymous. Selecting sampling devices in non-probability sampling is quite arbitrary, as researchers rely heavily on personal judgment. A number of the examples of likelihood sampling method are simple random, systemic test, cluster and stratified sampling. Types of non-probability sampling are convenience, wisdom sampling, snowball and quota sampling.

6. 2. 4. 1 Sampling Size

A good test size is one that is agent of the whole population. Since the study covers a relatively large population, an example size of 100 participants is chosen for the analysis out of convenience. The test has been assigned to the strata compared with the sizes.

6. 2. 4. 2 Sampling Method

Since the prospective population of the analysis, the sampling method which will be used is the cluster sampling method. The supermarket functions mainly practically villages like L'Amitie, Des Jardins, Belle Vue, Plaines des Roches, Roches Noires and Rempart itself. So it can be found that it is divided into 6 areas. Hence, a sample is to be taken from each of the 6 strata. A sample of 100 respondents is wanted for the analysis.

6. 2. 5 Data Collection

This part includes the fieldwork and the collection of the required information or data. It really is at this stage that the questionnaires are given and concentrate group lessons conducted.

6. 2. 5. 1 Questionnaire

A questionnaire will be designed to generate the info necessary for achieving the research targets. The questions are standardized in conditions of wordings and collection to ensure that each component is asked to provide information exactly very much the same. That is important in order to guarantee the validity of any comparisons to be made between different respondents, as well as to provide data in a form that may be easily analyzed. It is also sequenced to be able to allow respondents to keep up their teach of applying for grants one subject before moving to another, and go based on the event collection. The questionnaire is divided into two trainings: Section A on the overall option of the mark inhabitants and section B on the demographics of the respondents.

6. 2. 5. 2 Pilot Testing

This is an essential step prior to the final questionnaire is ready to be implemented for the review. The questionnaire will be pre-tested with a sample of 5 respondents extracted from the target inhabitants, in order to consider design errors and imperfections and perfect them before undertaking the study. Some suggestions about the appropriate headings, rephrasing some questions using simpler words, sequencing of the questions and about some clarifications on certain questions was performed and an amended questionnaire was re-designed to appeal to these changes.

6. 2. 5. 2. 1 Surveys

They are a kind of quantitative key research that try to acquire specific data from an example audience. Research can be administered via email, snail mail or mobile, and usually target customers or potential prospects.

The four steps to follow are: identifying your audience, writing the survey, conducting the study, and analyzing the info collected. When writing the survey, the questions should be retained simple. Here, we will utilize personal interview.

6. 2. 5. 3 Personal Interviews

This is a two-way conservation initiated by an interviewer to obtain information from a participant. The differences in the jobs of interviewer and participant are pronounced. Both have no idea each other well. The results here are usually insignificant for the participant.

6. 2. 5. 3. 1 Concentrate Groups

They are typically made up of about 10 pre-screened individuals who meet specified criteria. They are assembled in one room to go over and respond to a specific subject relevant to the research theme. I myself I am going to become the moderator because of this study. A target group here will include 3 staff staff and 7 other folks, i. e. customers.

6. 2. 6 Data Analysis

When all data have been accumulated, they will be inputted in to the SPSS 13. 0 software for the intended purpose of analysis whereby the results from the survey have been edited, coded, tabulated and mix tabulated. The data have been interpreted and offered in tables, pie graphs and bar charts to make the analysis much easy to understand as well as for proper and smarter presentations. Mean, Method, Median cluster research etc can be calculated.

6. 2. 7 Limitations of the study

It is time-consuming and demanding

It is costly also

Some respondents might be mindful and hesitant to answer properly.

Some might not be happy to cooperate.

It is not always the all questionnaires will be valid.


This research is of significant importance to Friends Supermarket. Given the literature review that will be taken into account, you'll be able to match the studies with the books review. The study will help to know how customers perceive the level of service that they obtain with the supermarket. After analysis of data, tips will be made in order to boost their service they provide with their customers. The limits have also been taken into account. Finally, at the start, a time plan has been drafted to prepare the study consequently and to respect the deadline place.

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