The Relationship between Law enforcement, the Courts and Corrections

The Marriage between Police, the Courts and Corrections

The Felony Justice components create something when they apply their functions together looking for the same purpose; to enforce justice into culture. Even when the components of the Lawbreaker Justice system will work to perform the same purpose they work in various fields and the job of each part is very different from others. The Lawbreaker Justice System refers to a collection of federal, condition, and local general population agencies that are created to cope with criminals (The Composition of Felony Justice. 2013). There is a distance inside the relationship of the three components which distance brings benefits and failures into the process.

There are certain benefits that are manufactured because of the distance between each element of the Felony Justice system. The type of the courts and the job they perform along the way of enforcing justice into modern culture makes the courts an authority to regulate the work of cops and correctional officers. Crime looks completely different from the perserpective of any police officer, a judge will have to see the entire situation from a new perspective (Top, 2012. p9). This is very helpful to ensure cops and correctional officers are going to perform their job corresponding to what regulations dictates.

The distance is created obviously because the three components have to deal with different issues to be able to perform their goal. Even when they don't perform the same activities they need each other because they're connected following same purpose. The authorities needs the courts to process and care for the suspects once they are used into custody, the same manner the courts need the corrections to cope with the inmates once they have been sentenced.

It is also said that the Lawbreaker Justice "firms often fail to organize their activities and, in so doing, ignore the impact that their decisions will have on other businesses (The Structure of Felony Justice. 2013). The relationship between the three components is not always fluent which can cause flaws and make the whole process more poor than what it should be. As a matter of fact, this failure make a difference society at many different levels because every single element has it's own process which bureaucracy existing inside the components and between them pushes every step to truly have a procedure.

Some critics imagine the length existing in the relationship between law enforcement officials, the courts and corrections is essential. Because Offender justice agencies establish their own policies they can affect the timing and the types of procedures of the other components. The existence of a different process within each component makes every single one of them to make sure and to ensure they are doing their job properly. The courts will not accept a case where the police officers acted illegally to be able to get the evidence and they will not utilize the corrections to phrase these individuals. At the same time, the courts need to guarantee the entire judge session is performed as required by regulations to be able to word the think.

The Felony Justice system mother nature is to work with three different components linked by the same purpose, and at exactly the same time each aspect is divided because each of them have to deal with crime and the task of reducing offense rates in different ways. This might be the key reason why the system has advanced into what it is today which may be the best way police force, the courts and corrections are likely to work with each other.

Police officers need to be restricted by regulations and all the possible legal obstacles their situations could face in a judge room. Exactly the same legal restrictions apply to the correctional officials to guarantee they may be guarding the integrity of the inmates and they are doing the best to help them in the treatment process.


The police force is the drive that has the authority and responsibility to protect the city. Every police team is planned and every single individual who makes part from it has his own function and specialization. The authorities departments are divided in many different units to deal with every possible way of breaking the law. "The organization of the agencies includes a number of professional models (patrol, traffic, details) (Top, 2012. p58).

Since each and every unit is focusing on the same goal there's a system within the authorities component. The police departments are planned as a military institution with a string of command that needs decisions and give orders and subordinates who are accountable of following every order. The role of the chain of command "is to ensure these units work together to reach a typical goal (Peak, 2012. p58). This department of labor allows every device to specialize in their own field and improve the way they are doing their job because they will become experts for the reason that area.

Once the specialised models apprehended a think and they accumulate the necessary information to guage him they must transfer this think into a judge room. Within the court docket room a judge will analyze and review all the evidence gathered in the event and this is when the partnership between the police force and the courts is created. Both components are present to make sure justice is enforced in the community, they will reveal everything (such as research, criminal background) necessary to assure the process has been done appropriately as soon as the think was arrested before judge or the jury decide on the particular sentence should be or if the think is found innocent. This is the part when the police depends on the courts to satisfy their mission.


The Courts will be the place where justice is made. "The purposes of the courts are to get justice and to discover the truth (The Structure of Offender Justice. 2013). Once the fact has been discovered thanks to the data presented by the police the judge will sentence the think to pay his debts with contemporary society for breaking the laws and regulations created to be sure individuals live respecting everybody else.

The courts will be the place where "judges, court docket reporters, clerks, bailiffs, witnesses, plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, juries, and spectators, as well as police officers, social workers, probation officers, guardians, interpreters and the press (Optimum, 2012. p135) get together to study and witness a case and examine the ways a person broke the law and the word that should be given to assure justice is performed the right way.

Depending on the truth the judge or the jury will assess the evidence presented by the authorities and the criminal investigators. At the courtroom every possible legal obstacle will be analyzed as well. The problems in acquiring information are called legal issues and they are taken very really, sometimes they could wrap up in the discharge of a criminal because some oversight was determined in the investigation process. A legal obstacle could appear in anything associated with the handling and gathering of the data presented by the investigators.

Once the case has been properly studied, the courts will send the criminal to a correctional service where correctional officers can make sure the inmate is rehabilitated. This relationship between your courts and the corrections is the last step of the Offender Justice system. The actual fact that everything began with the authorities arresting the suspect and finished with the courts sending the inmate to a correctional creates a marriage between your three components.


The main target of sending citizens who broke the law to a correctional facility is "to protect society from crime by safely and securely controlling criminal offenders while providing

offenders some opportunities for self-improvement and increasing the chance that they will

become fruitful and law-abiding residents (Peak, 2012. p205). Some critics have a tendency to believe corrections aren't the right response to package with criminals due to the fact that not every criminal achieves treatment in a correctional center.

Prisons are sorted out institutions, exactly like the police and the courts who are organized in different areas to divide all their responsibilities. These sectors could be seen as the specialised devices created by the police to cope with every possible criminal offense, really the only difference is the fact in the prisons every office has one responsibility like human being resource management department, healthcare or medical department, administration division and many more created to promise each and every step of the process is done accurately and in line with the law. (Top, 2012. p205).

Having an inmate locked up after committing a criminal offenses offers different advantages to society. The danger of having people who break the law on the avenues could be high and making sure they are anchored under the supervision of experts makes every person feel safer. This is the last step of the Criminal Justice system which is also where in fact the relationship between the law enforcement officials, the courts and the prisons ends. This step could also be seen as the accomplishment of the complete objective of enforcing justice in world. This relationship and everything the links and procedures where the Criminal Justice system components have to offer and complement the other person can be damaged by certain guidelines created by each part and the independence each of them have from one another.

Why will be the three components unbiased from one another?

The three components of the Felony Justice are independent because they fight crime in several ways. "Each system componentќpolice, courts, and correctionsќhas varying degrees of responsibility and discretion for interacting with offense (Peak, 2012. p6). These examples of responsibility separates the police officers, the judges and the correctional officers to the stage where every establishment creates their own methods to cope with crime also to perform the function they are given in the entire Criminal Justice System.

This independence between each and every component offers a benefit that could be the same reason the independence prevails. In democracy the federal government needs to ensure no individual no institution has total control over any matter. Even the chief executive of america powers are regulated by other politicians within the same authorities. In case the three components were come up with as one the world could face a major problem because the Lawbreaker Justice system will never be under control. The police officials, the judges and the correctional officers will all be co personnel and with this they could lose objectivity by acting guided by other reasons unique of justice itself.

The proven fact that the three components are 3rd party from the other person protects culture from corruption, police force abuse, unfair phrases and bad treatment in the correctional facilities. "Relationships among and between these components are often characterized by friction, discord, and lacking communication (Top, 2012. p5). This friction and conflict could be the reason why the whole Legal Justice system works just how it does. Each and every component wants to perform it's job effectively to keep up with the others, if one of these fails to do this the procedure of enforcing the law will be affected.

On the other area the deficient communication can be an issue that needs to be solved. "Prosecutors often complain that police provide case accounts of poor quality. (Optimum, 2012. p5). At the same time Prosecutors and Public defendants are judged by their success in making the court sentence an individual or to drop the charges (Optimum, 2012. p5). Corrections are seen by many as corporations where the inmates are not really well affected. This could be caused because of the independence of all the components or simply because society hasn't found a much better way to cope with crime.

The way these components critic and interact with one another creates a competence and difficult that may be very useful or very bad for everyone. "In the process of that discussion, conflicts arise. Although conflicts can serve positive ends, many of those In unlawful justice tend to defeat the accomplishment of goals of the total system (O'Leary, V. , & Newman, D. J. (1970). The police understands the prosecutors will assess their situations and because of this they must have solid reasons before they take an individual into custody. Cops know their proof will be challenged by the public accused, and the judges know the prosecutors and the public defendants have the right to charm the word. Every aspect is regulated by another.

Overall the Lawbreaker Justice system and the partnership between it's three components create a process used by modern culture to guard themselves from criminals and also to keep these criminals away from their every day lives. Whatever the miss-communication issues and conflicts existing already within the components they still supplement each other. The authorities needs the courts and the corrections, the courts need the authorities and the corrections and the corrections need the authorities and the courts to truly have a purpose and fulfill their quest and the tasks they may have with world.


O'Leary, V. , & Newman, D. J. (1970). Issue Resolution in Felony Justice. Journal Of Research In Criminal offenses & Delinquency, 7(2), 99-119.

Peak, K. (2012). Justice Administration: Law enforcement officials, Courts, and Corrections Management. Top Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

The Composition of Lawbreaker Justice. (2013, January 1). Retrieved, from http://www. cliffsnotes. com/more-subjects/criminal-justice/the-criminal-justice-system/the-structure-of-criminal-justice

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