The use of low fat production

Executive Summary

Lean thinking was introduce in 1960 by toyata company as scentific method of identify and eliminate misuse or non value added activities in an organisation through ongoing improvement with the purpose of creating value. This study relates lean approach to large bread making company Warburton, locted in Bolton, UK. It created in 1876 and developed 5000 staff, 14 bakeries, 15 destribution depots and 900 delivery vehicles. While using introduction of lean methodology, company achived overall financial, communal and environmental benefits. Company develop its own farming to produce wheat that create 10% earnings, new technology to avoid the device when product carry out that generate 3 million revenue, develop own mill to turn wheat into flour that induce 4 million revenue, new way of kneading and mixing up and so forth. To make use of of trim system they provide higher level of traing and skill develpment with their employee and reduce them by 2%. Organized use of JIT, 5S and TQM methodology company enable to keep up steadiness, increase delivery swiftness, volume flexibility, low cost procedure, high quality product, reduce in hanging around time and ongoing improvement for permanent sustainability. company got overall mprovement in seeding, farming, milling, cooking and custumer satisfaction.


Critically evaluate the use of lean creation and /or trim services in your chosen organisation

An procedure management is the systematic design, direction and control of the operations which turns inputs into services and goods where outputs into inside as well as external customers. Type may be information, recycleables or even customers. These inputs are changed into goods and services by the help of changing resources which may be facilities of the procedure.

For this, I have chosen the" Warburton Family Bakers" company positioned in Bolton, UK. Wedded few Thomas Warburton and Ellen started this company since 1876. Now, it has around 5, 000 employees, 15 syndication depots, 14 bakeries and 900 vehicles for delivery. Warburton is the next greatest grocery brand company in the UK. It has more than 25% market talk about in their wrapped bread market which leads it as the marketplace leader. The business, produce variety of bakery product as: Bread (white, wholemeal/darkish, seeded/grained, deity, and healthy), Bakery snack foods (fruited loaves and buns, and snacks) and 14 types of rolls. Every day, it produces 2 million cooked and distributed all around the country. 400, 000 tonnes of wheat being used yearly which is the same as 14, 000 lorry insert. Mainly raw materials in the corporation are: best seed to grow whole wheat, natural resources to grow grain, ovens, mills, gasoline, farmers, other staff, etc. For raw material, 5% of the wheat they obtain open up market for leftovers 95%, they may have third party agreement over UK and Canada. Some farmers they have been closely dealing with Warburton's more than 50 years. So they are providing quality grain specifically using less fertiliser to grow wheat.

Some people detailed trim simply as assortment of tools such as Just with time (JIT), Kanbas, 5S and so forth. Other describes slim as, working people smarter, working people harder and Total Quality Management (TQM) or Kaizen. These definitions are limited and unacceptable. So, low fat systems can be explained as functions systems that optimize the value added by each of an company's activities by removing waste products and delay from them. (Krajewski, Ritzman and Malnotra: 2010, site 316).

The idea of lean system originated from Japanese Toyata Company in 1950. Its main purpose is to lowering all types of wastes thought the organisation and achieves more. Toyata use this notion thought its operation and got high profit. So, nowadays almost all of the companies are trying to reduce their waste material implement this concept. Where, waste can be explained as any human activity which absorbs resources but creates no value. Main components of lean development are Total Quality Management and (TQM) and simply in Time (JIT). The purpose of JIT is to avoid duplication effort and reduce the holding increased stock cost as retaining large amount of surface finish goods or components. TQM relates to make certain the grade of raw material or carry out goods or entire organism which needs to fulfill customers need. Updating the value adding activity and minimizing the non value adding activities gives the benefit thought the organisation. .

Also we can introduce TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance) concept for Mills and ovens. Standardarization of wheat and shed, etc are regularly examined in order to avoid from waste also to increase quality. Sometime they need to replace or they may well not work such that company may lose huge amount. When there is something wrong during the work, it may require double check leads us loss available. Principle of slim creation includes communication, teamwork, successful use of resources ongoing improvement (kaizen) and effect is reduce throw away. Low fat can be bringing out in this Warburton to lessen waste in its all process (beginning to end) mechanism which can be shown diagramitally as:

By the use of lean production, company can reduce different types of wastes and achieve high quality, sustainability, success and competitiveness by reducing overheads and device cost. Customer devotion is the main which can be achieving by ongoing improvement in goods and services. Producing high quality bread is the worthiness for its customers. Warburton can reduce its non value added cost by lowering health insurance and safety hazards using green and alternative source of energy.

Finally, Warburton can use lean approach to generate more income from the following process:

Introducing own farming palant somewhat than imported from different suppliers, which can create approximately 10% revenue in the process of hiring raw materials.

Using less fertilizer and natural resourcss to develop the whole wheat. This brings about gain of 5% and improve the quality of wheat due to possess plant.

Introducing new technology to increase oven insulation and gas burners which stop automatically when the product stops. This might be the key saving in the business. Roughly 3millions revenue will generate form this.

Using own mills to becomes the grain into flour alternatively than contracting to some other supplier. This helps you to save the expense of 4 millions.

Introduce new technology for kneading and blending the dough which permit to make more elastic for right loaf. This new technology will generate 5 million income to Warburton.

Proper implementing of above process warburton can reduce the employee from 5000 too 4900 making them trained, skilled and adaptable workforse. This may save 2% of total cost of the staff. this is due to the benefits of new method.

Chapter Two

Discuss and recommend how waste material is /can be handled along your selected organisation's value string.

Waste can be explained as wrong or needless use of money, time, capability, substance, staff, equipment etc. In Warburton, waste can be identified by two ways. First, waste in company's overall activities as starting from raw materials seeding to customer satisfaction which is often shown plainly from following diagram.

The aim of lean philosophy is to remove eight varieties of wast(shown below), produce product and service only needed and regular improve value added activities of the operation. A JIT beliefs organises information flows, resources and decision rules that may able to give gain to the company. Slim system looking goes on improvement. In Japanese term constant improvement is known as kaizan.

Main importantly the elements/tyees of waste material can be shown by pursuing diagram which need to reduce in warburton to be able to generate more income.

Number of people/staff: we can decrease the employee by causing more skilled, trained who is capable of doing more. Also, machinery can be utilized which can save more manpower. Flexibility and all round development of the worker, decrease the more workforces which can be saved.

Overproduction: produce the products when order comes. If we produce the item before the order, it is problematic to detect defects which create high business lead time and inventory.

Inappropriate control: using costly and high capacity machine where simple machine could handle the same action. It spends more capital resources. Using smaller and flexible machine, which can save space and money.

Waiting: When the product is not along the way we spend your time. Long production need to run where material move and process aren't linked well to one another, gives the perfect time to be spent waiting.

Transportation: material controlling and excessive motion of product during process which may cause deterioration and destruction of product quality for no significant customer value.

Motion: unneeded bending, stretching, reacting, lifting and walking make waste material of time so, Warburton need to lessen it.

Defects: consequently of quality defect lack of cost, rework, increase inspection, rescheduling effort, lack of customer, good will which all are non value added waste material.

Inventory: Extravagance inventory hides various issues on consumes space, soap floor, inhibit communication and increase lead times.

Material Use: use the materials as required. Do not consume pointless, high capacity and use and chuck materials.

Space: arrange the things well which enable the Warburton use the space properly. If the area is not used or need more space due to insufficient arrangement, both of these circumstances are wastage.

-Warburtons need to buy their own farms because they can perform more control over its ways of producing wheat and offer chain that are being used.

The development of wheat by their farms becomes cheaper and qualitiable than external farmer.

Working effectively, they can reduce vehicles cost.

They can reduce throw away by using appropriate design of product packaging.

Also delivering fresh item daily, regular making sure the merchandise deliver promptly, reduce its carbon foot print and present information to retailers.

-mainly reduce the waste by employing new technology as: by setting up energy efficient hard dryers, less energy lamps as well as reactive light control which do switched on and off according to its need.

Warburton can save energy and gas by home insulation or car showing.

Also the idea of 5S is popular in throw away management. Within this Warburton 5S can be integrated as moves:

A method comprising five routines in workplace as sorting, straightening, shining, standardising and sustaining which are conductive to lean production and aesthetic controls. The systematic methods of 5s business lead to accomplish good slim system. 5s from an efficient cornerstone of lowering throw away and remove needless duties, materials, and activities. Effective practice of 5s leads us bringing down cost; improve delivery promptly, productivity, safe working place or environment, methodical use of space in the floor and higher product quality.

Chapter three

Evaluate the impact that your advice will have on your organisation's resources, and justify how your recommendation will ensure increased competitiveness, long-term sustainability and corporate sociable responsibility.

Impact of my advice on warburton

Before lean

After lean

They possess the contract to alternative party farmers to provide wheat. For they are paying more.

Warburton have now utilizing their own farms and farmers. So they achieve more control over its methods of producing wheat and offer chain that happen to be being used.

Expensive and using fertilizer to flower wheat during its development, which is bad for health.

The production of wheat by their farms becomes cheaper and qualitiable than external farmer

Old technology and big machine were used.

Introducing new technology to increase oven insulation and gas burners which stop automatically when the merchandise stops.

They were contracted to alternative party millers to carefully turn the grain to flour. So these are paying high cost.

They have own mills to transforms the grain into flour.

The loaf and mix weren't perfect.

Introduce new technology for kneading and blending the dough which enable to make more flexible for right loaf.

Use of more source, capacity, employee, poor product.

Saving cost by using less tool, capacity, worker for the same process and high quality product.

Also second effect on recommendation

After the use of lean procedure Warburton received success in many aspects that can be shown by above table. Also the company need to apply following approach to increase its competitiveness:

Low cost operation: Warburton design all process effectively and strenuous research that address over head, workforce, methods, rework or scrap, automated facilities that decrease the cost per unit product or service.

Quality: providing top quality product, high lever costumer contact and service, high helpfulness, availability of servers and courtesy. It requires high product features, higher durability and close tolerance from a creation process.

Consistency: high level of monitoring and evaluating the things regularly, prevent problems and achieve almost same consequence as time passes without reducing the amount of quality.

Delivery acceleration: design the process which reduces lead time through planning back up capacity cushions, using premier delivery option and storing inventory.

Development quickness: introducing any new product or service very quickly.

Customization: different customers have different desire so Warburton can solve to fulfill unique needs of customers by widening its variety of products and services.

Volume overall flexibility: According to the market fluctuation the business need to create its product quickly. Sometime such as Holiday and New Season the marketplace demand is high so that it may necessitate more goods and services.

Warburton being one of the major market leaders, it needs to provide regularly high quality bakery product. Because of this, Warburton need to concentrate on innovation and ongoing new product development. Warburton can gain long term sustainability by managing its supply string to meet its customers need. And yes it needs to create good marriage with millers and farmers to supply quality product for long-term. So, Warburton need to take as key factors for pursuing for its long-term sustainability

For corporate and business responsibility:

Warburton Keep worker safe as well as provide opportunity for learning and development.

Warburton helps the clients to be healthy and environmentally friendly choice.

Manage stewardship supply string sustainability and ethically.

Warburton minimise the impact of business on environment and also help to alleviate local climate change.

Warburton using the vitality more efficiently, this can help to manage C02 emission.

Warburton reduce the use of newspaper, fixed and printing and increase recycling.

Warburton do not compromise for quality which is health.

Making work place safe and personal health.

Warburton can save energy and gas by home insulation or car showing.

Waste to landfill, use of energy during production, use of drinking water during production, levels of product packaging to consumer, impact of transportation

Benefit of low fat approach

Remove all types of duplication and throw away.

Centralise on bettering efficiency, quality of service and swiftness of dealing with of customer need.

Provide proper training to personnel, motivate and entail them, by stimulating in a way that they take ownership for further improvement. Because of this Warburton enable to cope on value adding activities. Practice of new culture as performance management and constant management provide sustainability.

Warburton reduces in processing time.

When the manufacturing time is reduced, the procedure time and cost is increased by conserving utilities, energy, wages of labour, etc.

It helps Warburton to keep up, retain, increase cutting down and broaden its margin and help it to generate saving from lowering the price.

Making the ground neat, clean, spacious and peacefulness, contributes to avoid pointless accidents.

Human learning resource and labours are significantly lowered.

From the aforementioned practice, raise the productivity and client satisfaction results sales increase.

Good customer and customer relationship

Chapter four

Using porters value string as a template, build a framework that will aid a newly used fist line supervisor in your organisation with the next:

a. Identify the types misuse in both key and support techniques.

b. The danger 'signals of each misuse'.

c. How to respond to the 'dander signals'http://www. themanager. org/models/ValueChain-Dateien/image002. gif


Waste related to support activities:

Infrastructure: It is the collection activities as standard management, accounting, planning, quality management and legal authorities affairs. Therefore the Warburton need to minimise the waste materials related to infrastructure.

Human tool: human source of information management includes recruiting right people; provide proper training, development, motivation such that they are designed for their tasks more effectively and clinically. So Warburton can reduce the cost to pay more employees. That is the main area of the organisation because staff handles all the activities in the business so the incorrect process of recruitment leads the increased loss of business.

Technology related waste products: Mainly reduce the waste by employing new technology as: by putting in energy conserving hard dryers, less energy lamps as well as reactive light control which do started up and off regarding to its need. Working effectively, they can reduce transportation cost.

Procurement related waste material: procurement refers to the act of purchasing items/inputs used in the firm's procedure process. It includes raw materials, machinery, office equipment, lands, building, etc. Warburton need to buy their own farms because they can achieve more control over its methods of producing wheat and supply chain that are getting used. The creation of wheat by their farms becomes cheaper and qualitiable than external farmer.

Inbound related throw away: they are the wastes related to storing, obtaining and diffusing source as wheat and flour into product process such as warehouse, materials handling, vehicles scheduling, inventory control and profits to suppliers. -working effectively, they can reduce travelling cost.

Operation: packing, oven and mills maintenance, assessment and printing are common waste materials of Warburton.

Outbound logistics: collecting, storing and distributing the final goods to the customer. In Warburton 900 vehicles can be effectively use to provide their goods to the suppliers and the customers.

Marketing and sales: quality product reduces its marketing waste because people search quality product not advertises products. Online shopping somewhat than store shopping so, promote online shopping. Reduce more advertising.

Services: very long time to delivery, long times to improve the defective items, product adjustment, etc will be the related waste operating.

Also the primary and secondary waste products mixed up in process of pursuing fist two statistics and third is the consequence of primary and secondary processes.

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