The USAGE OF Symbolism In The Hobbit English Books Essay

Facing the obstacles and troubles of life helps individuals to mature. The Hobbit concerns itself with pressure between balance and change. Through the results at full power leading to the awakening of wicked, Bilbo is compelled to choose between his own greed and the welfare of not only The Shire; but the world. J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit uses a symbolic journey to reveal the way the integrity of an individual can help one defeat life's temptations and deter from greed and wicked.

Tolkien's different and specific use of character types throughout the novel truly arranged the level for an epic adventure filled with fantasy. Gandalf, a mighty wizard, ageless and smart recognizes the actual inside of the key persona, Bilbo Baggins. Though relatively all-knowing, Gandalf maintains his programs and powers under wraps. As an example it is never known as to why he chooses help Thorin on his mission because he seems to not have an interest in the treasure. Both inspiring and dangerous Gandalf is more than an old man in a silly head wear; the wizard appears to be the sole protector against bad. Corresponding to Shmoop Editorial Team, "Gandalf is also stronger than everyone else in the e book" and they go on to state "he appears to know everything that's in Bilbo before Bilbo recognizes it himself" (Shmoop. com). Novels for Students says that "Bilbo Baggins is the protagonist of the story" (99-113). Although he himself is not quite a hero, he is only along for the ride as instructed by Gandalf. Unlike the other personas, Bilbo is logical and good, almost completely typical. In fact, really the only outlandish thing about this humdrum hobbit is his luck that always seems to get him out of situations that appear to be out of his hands. With all of his good traits Bilbo has one awful habit, he's a thief. One of the more dangerous of his thefts is with the dragon Smaug, from whom which he stole a gold glass from. Smaug can only be described as "greedy, strong, and wicked" dragon that captured the large treasure of Unhappy Hill (Tolkien 123).

The apparent sources to religion, specifically Christianity are all throughout Tolkien's book. Since a young age religion has been a big area of the author's life. "In 1903 Tolkien triumphed in a scholarship to the prestigious King Edward VI University in Birmingham" and because of the tragic loss of life of his mother at time twelve he and his brothers were raised by "a catholic priest, Dad -Francis Morgan" (Novels for Students 99-113). In The Hobbit the most clear reference will be the dispute of good and wicked. Every religion has an increased vitality, in this e book that higher ability is Gandalf. As Catholicism views God, Gandalf isn't always around. He seems to come and go as he is needed the same characteristics that are of any savior. Never in this book is Gandalf's assistance use to aid wicked. And in the situations he saves the fellowship he will so with his magic power which always seem to be to be always a display of light, and generally light is sign or purity or good. This theory is proven when the dwarves are attacked by goblins and Gandalf uses a adobe flash of light to help them avoid. (Tolkien 60-65) To conclude almost anything in this booklet can be related back to some kind of faith. Gandalf is a symbol of purity and good in various ways.

There a wide range of apparent similarities between J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and H. Rider Haggard's King Soloman's Mines. Corresponding to William H. Green "The Hobbit is Ruler Soloman's Mines reinvented in Tolkien's great linguistic and geographical sub creation, Midsection Earth" and continued to summarize "even though Tolkien seemingly did not explain himself as imitating Haggard many argue that Haggard's work fed Tolkien's creative process" (Twentieth Century Literary Criticism 53-64). The first of the similarities celebrities with the main individuals, Bilbo Baggins and Allen Quartermain. Both have been referred to as both "small and timid but are nevertheless, hardy, strong-willed, and ethical" (Twentieth Century Literary Criticism 53-64). The escapades in both reports are not suggested by the main characters but by the tall bearded stranger. INSIDE THE Hobbit that stranger is recognized as Gandalf, and in Ruler Soloman's Mines this man is Sir Henry Curtis. Also the same in both novels the strangers happen to know the adventurers life, and record well enough to trust them with such an important voyage.

"Tolkien's wartime experience had a significant effect on the young article writer. " (Books and its own Times 152-58) Tolkien's story also features tragic deaths, where could recall to his time in World Warfare 1, both youngest dwarves are wiped out in battle. One of the more hidden symbols would be Smaug the dragon. Smaug in the book was infamously known for being greedy. During this time in World War 1, Nazi Germany also had a reputation to be violent, powerful, and greedy. Smaug in this storyline symbolizes Germany's greed and need to be feared by others.

In summary, Tolkien's adventure illusion novel is stuffed full of icons ranging from faith to past wartime experience.

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