Trade Kings A Zambia Consumer Company Marketing Essay

For a firm in its initial internationalisation, it will have to use indirect export strategies where it uses intermediary organisations which have the required experience in managing export sales with respect to experienced or low level exporting organisations. As the businesses export grows and the organization acquires knowledge in the export market like the preparations of the export documents, it may now opt to use the direct export strategy with less use of intermediaries

Most companies would like to remain local if their domestic market were large enough. Managers would not need to learn other dialects and laws, deal with volatile currencies, face politics and legal uncertainties or redesign their products to match different customer needs and anticipations. A higher amount of participation in the home market and the company may desire a larger customer bottom part to achieve economies of deal.

As Trade Kings broadened in Zambia, its marketing pesonnel could collect information on the potential opportunities in Malawi. It had been actually observed that travelers going to Malawi got presented the brand maheu there and was a popular brand. These details provided the foundation for doing formal general market trends which unveiled that the brand would efficiently sale in Malawi. The company eventually got into the Malawian Market in 2001 through an indirect export strategy.


Firms which intend a heavy future involvement might need to learn from the knowledge that close engagement in an overseas market can bring, some companies may well not have any major resources and experience in international trade. Trade Kings didn't have any experience in international marketing as it was initially only offering its brands in Zambia.


Some hazards such as politics risks or the risk of the expropriation of abroad assets by overseas government encourages companies entering into overseas marketplaces to persue an indirect exports strategy as it is safer. On the other hand, the chance of sacrificing touch with customers and their requirements would encourage a primary export strategy.

There is political balance in Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa which provided opportunities for Trade Kings to go into these foreign marketplaces. Having less experience in export marketing meant that Trade Kings would need to use already experienced exporters, although it would not maintain touch with the clients in these countries.


Control over the export operations, especially within the marketing combine and the syndication channel varies between indirect and immediate exporting strategies. Indirect export strategy offers nearly no control to the exporters.

Trade Kings experienced no control over indirect exporters. These were willing to deal on behalf of Trade Kings. However, Trade Kings later opted to make use of immediate export strategy which allowed for increased control over its export operations in Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.

HOW MANY Marketplaces TO ENTER

The company must determine how many foreign marketplaces to enter and how fast to extend. The risk is the considerable resources needed and the difficulty of planning export strategies into many diverse marketplaces. (Kotler 2004, Web page 640).


It is important to judge the probable of several international markets. Many companies prefer to sell to neighbouring countries because they understand these countries better and can control their costs effectively.

Most Zambians are familiar with Malawi scheduled to historical and political factors. Trade Kings would not find it hard to type in the Malawian Market.


Once a company decides to target a particular country, it must determine the best mode of access. Its broad options regarding export strategies include an indirect export strategy and a primary import strategy.

A organization internationalizing for the very first time does not have any experience in export documentation, shortage local knowledge in the international market and valuable circulation associates. Trade Kings had to be based upon the experienced exporters. In cases like this it could have to make use of indirect export strategy.


Exporting is easy and simple, cheapest, & most commonly used road in to a fresh international market. Many companies become exporters within an unplanned haphazard and reactive way, simply by accepting orders from the potential customers who happen to be based overseas. Nonetheless it was common for a firm to take a proactive method of exporting by the organized planning and the id and the selection of target markets because of its exports. This gives rise to many advantages over those access methods which require increased involvement in the international market.


3. 1. 1 The primary benefit would be that the exporters are able to concentrate production in one location, in order to achieve economies of range and persistence of product quality.

Trade Kings would produce the Maheu brand and spread it to its international market segments in Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa. The demand as at now does not require the establishing of a flower in these countries. However Trade Kings is considering a seed in Malawi that will create a selection of consumer products similar to the ones produced in Zambia.

3. 1. 2 Organizations missing the know-how and experience can try internationalization on a little range. Trade kings possessed started exporting maheu brand on a tiny scale before brand gained popularity in 2002. The demand for the brand got increased in Malawi.

3. 1. 3 Exporting allows firms to build up and test their programs and strategies.

Trade Kings experienced to attain the learning curve result and eventually was able to persue a far more expansionary export sales to Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa by persuing immediate export strategy.

3. 1. 4 Exporting allows firms to minimize their operating costs, administrative overheads and employees requirements.



Export house are companies which aid exporting on behalf of the producer. There are three main types of export properties:


These become export principals, they buy goods from a designer and sell them in another country.

Trade Kings could sell its maheu brand to export merchants in Lusaka who where exporting a range of consumer products in Malawi.


The producer gains the advantages of the export residences market knowledge and associates. Trade kings could use a major export house ABC international export that could buy a variety of consumer products from various suppliers in Zambia and transfer those to malawi, Mozambique and South Africa. As business prolonged with ABC company, Trade Kings bought knowledge that was helpful in preparing its export market team.

Except in the case of export agents the manufacturer is relieved of the need to do the following:

Finance the export transaction

Suffer the credit risk

Prepare export documentation

Trade Kings was not in a position to incur any promotional and syndication expenses. This was borne by ABC Company. All export paperwork was done by the exporter.

In some situations export stores receive preferential treatment from overseas institutional and organisational customers.

ABC International Exporters is a large company that has been in the export marketing of consumer products to Malawi including delivering goods to authorities corporations and organizations. It has developed strong associations with valuable contacts in the united states that this exports to.


Ultimately, it isn't the producer however the marchants decision to advertise a product and so a producer reaches the Retailers mercy.

At this time around the product owner was buying less Trade Kings brand in preference to their company brands.

Any goodwill created on the market usually benefits the Merchant and not the company.

As with all intermediaries, an export house or Stores might service a variety of producing organization. An individual maker cannot rely on the Sellers exclusive commitment.

Trade kings brands has created strong commitment in Malawi, However ABC Company had not been effectively marketing the brand. It had been also over -prices the brand leading to lower sales. The exporter also was also increasing stock of Trade Kings Rival. This business lead to the creation of Trade Kings export marketing section.

Export houses aren't normally happy to enter long term arrangements with a company.

Trade King had joined with a 2 (two) season agreement with ABC International Exporters as they didn't want a 5 (five) year contract primarily. However as demand for the brand increased in Malawi, the exporter required a long-term contract.

Trade Kings joined in to deal with an expert export management company, International Distributors Limited, an expert export Consultancy and logistics firm.


The disadvantages of using the specialist export professionals include:-

As the export supervisor is an independent company, it can leave the producer's service and the maker will have gained as inhouse knowledge.

The contract had not been renewed because the international distributor company lacked the resources to fully exploit the overseas markets.

As the producer does not study from connection with exporting, this may adversely have an impact on future options by restricting those available.

The Trade Kings did not profit any export knowledge from the marketers as all export management functions were done by the firm.

The specialist export manager may not have sufficient knowledge of all the suppliers on the market.

International distributors demonstrated to lack adequate knowledge in the overseas markets where Trade Kings could increase its sales.


Complementry exporting or piggy back again exporting took place when one producing organisation refered to as the carrier uses its founded international marketing channels to market the merchandise of another maker known as the rider as well as its own.


There are benefits to both carrier and the rider as follows:

The carrier makes increased profit from a better use of circulation capacity and can sell a more attractive product range.

The rider obtains access to market at low cost and low risk.

Trade Kings didn't use this setting of indirect export strategy.


Turnkey contracts could also provide opportunities for complementary exporting. A single firm involved in a particular project overseas such as building, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical and civil anatomist projects will most likely acquire products and services from other firms in the house country for the project. (Hill 2005, webpage 485)

Trade kings did not use much of indirect export strategy.


Direct export strategy occurs where in fact the producing organisation itself does the export jobs rather than using an intermediary. Sales are made directly to customers abroad who may be wholesalers, retailers or final users. Sales may more and more be produced via e- business on the internet.

As the quantity of sales increased and a forcast of demand exhibited that Trade Kings brand were continuously growing including detergents, candles, match ticks. Sweets, snack foods and bathing soaps. Marketing in this environment is similar to the marketing in the local market, although there will be the added problems of distance product regulations terms and culture. (Hill, 2005 Page 488)


Overseas export agent is an overseas firm hired to impact a sales contract between the principal (i. e the exporter) and a person. Real estate agents do not take title of goods, they earn a commission payment.

Trade Kings joined into a deal with Malawi export agent, Malawi export Limited.


An exporter may use overseas agents due to the following reasons:-

They have considerable knowledge and experience of abroad market and the clients.

Malawi Export Limited, an indeginous local organization, large importer was able to increase the deal of trade Kings products.

Their existing product range is usually complementary to the exporters. This might help the exporter penetrate the abroad market. Unlike ABC international exporters who could actually stock Trade Kings Competitors brands.

The exporter does have to make a big investment outlay. Trade Kings did not have to spend resources in creating a depot and taking care of it. This is all done by the Malawi Export Limited.

The political risk is low

Malawi export Limited can be an indigenous Malawian organization and has great local knowledge and local contraact. It is able to withstand any political troubles in Malawi.


The drawbacks of using overseas agents and these are:

An intermediary's dedication and determination may be weaker than the producer's. The Malawi export Limited was still able to market others brand by different suppliers and was based towards brands whose turnover was very high compared to Trade Kings brands.

Agents usually want steady turnover using an agent might not exactly be the most appropriate way of providing low volume, high value goods with unsteady habits of demand, or where sales are infrequent.

Trade Kings brand were of average turnover and Malawi Export Small failing to meet the targets of Trade Kings. This led to the formation of a Trade King's branch office in Malawi. This might also deal with Mozambique and South Africa.

Many providers are too small to exploit a major market to its full magnitude. Many service only limited geographic sections.

As a market grow large it becomes less productive to use as a realtor. A branch office or subsidiary company will achieve economics of size.

The demand for the Trade ruler brands continued growing since 2004 and management were required to commit its resources in expanding an overseas branch office in Malawi.

A careful research was done by Trade Kings prior to the selection of the Malawi Export Limited Company to do something as an overseas agent for the Malawian market.


A firm can establish its office in a foreign market for the purpose of marketing and distributing its product.


The advantage of Company's branch office in arranging its own circulation office, a firm may have the next advantages:

When sales reach a certain level branch office buildings are more effective than companies.

A Trade King Branch was finally opened in the capital city, Lilongwe in Malawi on 1st June, 2005 with most staff being Malawians.

Sales performance will improve as the determination and motivation of your producer's own staff should be more effective than those of a realtor.

Trade Kings Personnel were committed to ensure that they attained the sales targets. The amount of inspiration was high leading to surpassed sales goals in 2006, this lead to the growth of the branch to also effectively deal with sales in Mozambique.

The producer retains complete marketing control. Trade Kings possessed now a strong occurrence in Malawi and in Mozambique. The branch was now in a position to pursue extreme marketing of Trade Kings brands through advertising campaigns, sales promotions campaigns and participation in trade exhibitions in Malawi and Mozambique.


Trade Kings experienced the next drawbacks when it established- up firm setting an international Company branch in Malawi

Higher investment overhead and working costs are entailed.

There can be a politics risk particulaly expropriation of assets.

The firm will be subject to local staff legislation which it might not welcome.


Mode of admittance has implications for the circulation route. Although in domestic markets companies often give some control over circulation to intermediaries this issue is magnified in international conditions. Trade Kings later experienced distribution problems through its indirect export strategy in Malawi. The vendors had previously provided Trade Kings with higher sales. Nonetheless it began to over stock a range of products from various competing firms. This led to a decline in Trade Kings maheu brand regardless of the product having set up brand loyalty on the Malawian market.

It can be viewed that, for most overseas businesses means they are pressured into the aims of intermediaries even though this might not be the perfect means of the gratifying the needs of the end consumers.

Trade kings enventually needed to opt for investing directly in the Malawian market through a primary export strategy.

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