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Was Louis Riel Guilty Of Treason

I think that Louis Riel is guilty of treason. Riel, Louis Riel has been called many names, he has been called a Prophet, a Statesman, a scoundrel, a hero, a madman, a visionary, a hero, but Louis Riel is best defined a traitor, he has betrayed Canada in lots of ways. If passed, Bill C-417 will reverse Riel's conviction for high treason. Riel bought a man known as Thomas Scott to be killed and organized a rebellion that induced the increased loss of a large number of lives, in order to become a territorial head. Indeed Riel spent most of his adult life in Canada, & america, seeking political intrigue. Eventually he was performed for his many offences and the never-ending turmoil he brought on with the Canadian federal government. That sentence can happen severe today, but it was no harsher than Scott's execution or the dozens lost in the Riel rebellion: life itself was hard then. The punishment was meted out accordingly, and thought to be very fair at that time. Despite the fact that Louis Riel didn't want Bloodshed and remained away from rebelling against the federal government for the majority of his adult life he did not keep it because of this so Louis Riel is indeed still guilty of treason. That is true because Louis Riel began rebellions, and was responsible for levying war against the Canadian authorities which is treason. Louis Riel also fled to the U. S and conspired with the chief executive to start war with the government which is also treason. Louis Riel is guilty in many ways of treason.

Riel did not touch a gun and didn't eliminate anyone but he is responsible for the dozens of lives lost in the Riel rebellion and then for the execution of Thomas Scott. After all does he not court Marshall Scott and from his individuals vote, 2 only 2 of the seven could do what Riel could not, only 2 of Riels people acquired the courage to raise their hands, and denounce the Scott execution chilly blooded murder. Scott wasn't guilty of treason for just two reasons one, he previously no government to be treasonous against, rather than in the criminal code should it say do not be racist to your government. It does say form an objective to start battle with the federal government, or use pressure to overthrow the federal government, Scott was innocent and Riel must have known it, which is not the getting rid of of Thomas Scott which made Riel guilty it is exactly what that business lead to which was rebellions, a provisional federal government, and many other functions of the criminal offenses treason.

"Save our country from this wicked government by firmly taking arms if required" - Louis Riel.

According to the unlawful code of Canada paragraph 46 section 1 a through 2c treason is a person who a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province. The North West Rebellion is a perfect exemplory case of this, Riel formed a provisional authorities at Batoche to be able to wring concessions from Ottawa by force, if necessary does this sound like a guy who cares for his authorities, or a man that will use his authorities to get what he wishes. One week later, the Mtis clashed with the North-West Mounted Police force on Beardy's Reserve near Duck Lake, by this episode from the Metis people led by none other than Louis Riel, and in section 46 2b on the unlawful code of Canada it say's levies conflict against Canada or does indeed any take action preparatory thereto- by operating and rebelling though it was only few Mounties it is still area of the Canadian federal government, and by god it was the 1st step on Louis street of rebellion on the Canadian government, so by rebelling they may be levying some kind of conflict on Canada which really is a form of treason, isn't it. Riel made a decision to make his stand at Batoche, a technique that ultimately closed the fate of the Mtis and lost any potential for prolonging the issue- the stand Louis riel is going for a stand to overthrow the Canadian federal government therefore committing treason, and he's atlanta divorce attorneys way guilty of treason. The North-West Field Make, momentarily stunned by an ambush at Fish Creek in past due Apr 1885, swooped downed on Batoche on, may 9 and easily took over the defenders three days and nights later. The next six weeks were largely anticlimactic, as Indian leaders and their fans who was simply implicated in the troubles surrendered to Canadian government bodies. - another section says that you just shall not start (Riel was the first choice so he began it) or assist armed forces (Metis using Toenails, Rocks Sticks, cannons & guns) against whom Canadian Pushes are employed in hostilities (Riel + Metis), if circumstances of war exists between Canada and the united states whose forces they may be. The Metis and Riel are doing this they are simply starting battle, and convincing others to become listed on which is also an act of treason so "Time traveling" back again to the Riel age and undoing Riel's clinging through simple historical revisionism implies that someone else should pay the price for killing riel, now innocent. In other words, it phone calls our whole justice system into question, and too be good and simply, if you pardon Riel you must pardon, everyone else who may have been costed with treason, and check out them, and by doing this it is implying we can get away with rebelling against our administration, in the way Riel performed.

Maybe at first Louis Riel's Provisional Federal government was used to protect the Metis and perhaps because the term provisional means "temporary" and it was only used so the Metis could negotiate with the Canadian federal to become part of Canada but it was later an excuse to rebel from the Canadian federal government. At a gathering within a cathedral in Batoche after having a priest which got informed the Metis people & Riel that "I refuse to give the sacrament to anyone who participates in a rebellion up against the Canadian federal" Riels response was assaulting the priest and having a meeting, at that very meeting Riel uttered this price "I propose we create a provisional administration and take up arms to guard our right to achieve this!" By expressing this Riel is saying that he'll use his administration that was legal and make use of it to commit illegitimate crime "treason" by taking up biceps and triceps and fighting for his or her rights and perhaps overthrow three governments, and everything three of these points are contrary to the Canadian criminal code. So following this meeting occurred it was all downhill and became from safe to hazardous and treason. So by stating this is "levying conflict against Canada" and "conspiring with the Metis to take up forearms up against the Canadian administration, which both are Treason.

Bill C-417 shouldn't be handed down because Mr. Riel does not deserve a second chance to live a life and become a hero, he was presented with chances and he blew them. Throughout his life Riel got produced a provisional federal government, began many rebellions, wiped out innocent men, and got fled to the U. S. When he murdered Thomas Scott, he was in trouble and he done incorrect and he realized it, and he wasn't ready to be in charge of his actions so he fled to the U. S, if he knew it was the right thing to do and felt in charge of his actions he'd have remained in Canada and fought for his cause. Does indeed this sound like a strong head? Is this a leader who would stand up and never give up his people? No it sounds like a traitor to his authorities and his people, only a guilty man would leave his own country and also have the nerve to come back start rebellions, and run for an area in parliament. Exactly why people think he's a hero is basically because he fought for the protection under the law of his people and stand up for the kids, and by fleeing his people he did not stand up on their behalf but he sat down.

Yes throughout Riel's previous years he tried out to avoid bloodshed and he performed, he avoided preventing against the federal government, for a long period Riel had averted killing anyone to "avoid bloodshed" but later in his life he started out a rebellion with a man known as Gabriel Dumont who was for bloodshed, and Dumont have been in charge of many Canadian deaths but let's remember Dumont's head and the main one who sorted out the rebellions Riel. Louis Riel was a hundred per cent responsible for Dumont and his actions thus in charge of the blood shed he induced. Riel should've known Dumont was the person who wouldn't wait at chance to battle or capture, somebody who was area of the Canadian Government After all in a football game isn't it the quarterbacks job to call the plays and lead his team, so in the sports game of The Metis vs. the Canadian Authorities Riel was the 1 / 4 back and therefore responsible for the task of his defense man Dumont. Riel was there when Dumont was discussing ambushes, guerrilla style practices, etc. Riel understood what Dumont wanted and proceeded to go along with it, so Dumont's Bloodshed is also Louis' bloodshed. After all Riel could've stopped him, yet when Riel directed him to Mitchells store near Duck Lake to raid it, Gabriel couldn't resist starting struggle; Mr. Riel realized Dumont was a violent man, toward the Canadian Administration but nonetheless Riel directed Dumont out to a location near, where Mounties were located. By not providing Dumont his follower instructions not to start fight Riel is accountable for Dumont's Bloodshed and his treasonous functions from the Canadian Federal government, and when you are accountable for others treason he is guilty of his own treason.

"We plan to deal with for our independence as another talk about from Canada"

In 1875 Mr. Riel was expelled from Canada for 5 years to the U. S and in these 5 years with no authorization of the Canadian administration Riel visited performing U. S leader Ulysses S. Give to require money and safeguard. Based on the legal code of Canada "without lawful power can a person conspire with someone else or ought to take action for a purpose prejudicial to the safety and protection of Canada". By going to Ulysses S. Grant Riel and asking him for money and protection he's preforming a treasonous take action. As of this same conference Riel also says that "I am convinced that I could raise a military services make sufficient enough to compel the Canadian government to reconsider its romance with the North Western world" by declaring this he is discussing his plan to raise a military make and levy war against Canada which is also part of treason. So by fleeing Canada to visit the President and speaking about Riels plan to strike the Canadian federal is treason in to ways, and then acting on these programs in the North Western world resistance is totally treasonous.

"How could an crazy person lead 700 people into a rebellion unless these were all insane?"

Louis may have been a traitor and a scoundrel but one thing that's true is he's very honest. At his trial Louis was a truthful man and would not plead crazy because he was considerate as well. Actually President John A. Macdonald said "because there is uncertainty about Riel's sanity, I delayed the execution until November 16th and possessed him evaluated by three doctors. Each of them decided that he's not crazy". Three doctors evaluated one man, he was said to be diagnosed with megalomania, and megalomania is Delusional idea of superiority, Delusions of greatness, Delusions about one's own ability Delusions about one's own importance. Louis Riel envisioned himself as a prophet, according to the dictionary; a prophet is a guy who talks for god or a deity, or by divine creativity or someone who techniques divination. Riel saw himself as a prophet of God not really a person who is superior, great or is any longer important than anybody else on God's renewable earth. So not just one, not two but the three doctors are right, Riel by no means has any symptoms of megalomania; he does not see himself as great. Louis cannot be insane anyway, instead of keeping yourself nice and safe in Montana, Riel quit his safeness for the Metis. During his trial, Riel's legal professional thought the only way to get Riel out of the clutter was for him to plead insanity, it was his attorneys decision to make him crazy, he himself knowing he'd be carried out, Riel still didn't acknowledge, only a proud sane man would expire to say he was just a sane leader. Riel is right "how could an crazy person lead 700 people into a rebellion unless they were all insane?" If Louis Riel had not been apparently identified as having the single analysis of megalomania Regarding to http://mwolk. com/blog/definition-of-insanity/ in general an crazy person is a person who is not very afraid of doing anything which can lead to severe problems for him/her in the future, near the beginning of the 'Riel time' Riel possessed asked his men to avoid the bloodshed and be devoted to the Queen, so even though he started rebellions and broke many regulations usually TREASON, Riel performed try to avoid things that would be dreadful to himself and the Metis. So Riel had not been insane and for that reason was to be punished for the treason he brought on in the rebellions, and the turmoil he offered to the government.

Riel didn't 'Father' Confederation; he 'fought' those who do. In comparison to the constructive brains of his era, Riel was an anomaly. Since he was definitely not a hero to everyone, in no case should we commemorate his misdeeds by erecting a statue of him on Parliament Hill. That might be an insult to the memory space of the troops who fought and passed on fighting Riel's army and defending the cherished rights we relate recover same Parliament Hill. No person advocating or engaging in armed rebellion against Canada's democratic functions should be so honoured. To do so would be to elevate anarchy and civil disobedience to statesmanship. In short, Riel did not have the entire support of his people, let alone Rupert's Land that he needed to create his own place. Instead, he used hands and power, those old non-democratic methods, leading to fatality and terror. He was accordingly confronted by force for his crimes, lost and hung. So by revising Background, you are not condemning Louis Riel you are condemning Canada, he struggled those who made Canada, and then for that alone, for being a bump on the highway of what Canada is today, Louis Riel Deserved the loss of life of hangings and much more, in the long run Louis Riel broke every section of the Criminal Code subsection Treason and high treason aside from causing bodily harm to her Majesty. In final realization to make Louis Riel innocent is making our administration guilty plus they did not break any solo laws in Riel's lifetime so Riel is indeed guilty of treason.

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