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Wayne Thiebaud can be an artist that has been associated with the Pop Art work culture and also was part of the realism that arrived of america west coast. Thiebaud's real life representation of his subject matter has been seen as one of many beginnings photorealism. Before learning to be a painter, Thiebaud proved helpful in New York City as an indicator painter and also as a cartoonist. He only commenced to color in 1949, incorporating skills from his previous occupations. Thiebaud is best known for the paintings that are associated with the production line of objects that may be within diners and cafeterias, such as pies and pastries and others items of common everyday activities.

The Neapolitan Pie that I found in the Norton Museum embodies the techniques that he often used in his paintings. This painting using its thick paint adding to the depth and personality led me to want to learn about the designer behind it. Thiebaud thought we would celebrate and embrace the delights of the common place and rendered his natural paintings with a "brilliant vision for abstraction. " Thiebaud's painting approach can be described as a "cookbook chronicling those that have added sizzle, seasoning or even sprinkle to its prolific palette" What he wished to attempt to do was to create a different visual species, which he described as being the best accomplishment for many painters. Thiebaud says that skill needs constant movement of different facets of itself to be able to remain alive. He also suggests that art draws creativity from everything around it. He is not afraid of exhibiting in his paintings aspects from other designers who encouraged him, "My world is one crime. . . I grab from every designer surrounding the world. " This can be why Thiebaud completely adopted artists which were before him and also musicians and artists who were painting in his time frame. Wayne Thiebaud had many designers in Abstract Expressionism and musicians and artists from Pop Art that he compiled techniques from. There were artistic time periods that he borrowed aspects from and coupled with others to produce his own characteristic style. With this paper I'll describe each one of these aspects and exactly how their combination offered rise to the famous work we know Wayne Thiebaud for today.

Thiebaud was a realist painter and decorated at the same time between Abstract Expressionism activity and the Pop Artwork era. His expansion as an artist began from when he was a kid and as an adolescent made poster designs and on stage sets for theater. Thiebaud proved helpful at Common Studios and also as an illustrator for the advertising department in NY. He later acquired a qualification from California Point out College or university in Sacramento and this was where he discovered and became fond of the fine arts. Following this he began to study art history literature intensively and the paintings in them, like the transitions in the works from period to period. Thiebaud, while working, became friends with and thinking about the works of art from Willem De Kooning and Franz Kline who were abstract expressionist painters. This is a "American post World War II art activity. " the predecessor of the art movements is surrealism, which features elements of surprise and sudden juxtapositions. Willem De Kooning also was associated with action painting, whose characteristics are spontaneous, splashed, or smeared onto a canvas. Kooning says, "People are always looking to break the backs of paintings by anticipating things which paintings cannot do. . . it's simply a painting. A God damned painting. Just a little thing you smear stuff on. You merely hope in the smearing that you haven't insulted people that you are asking to look at it. " This affirmation was a great impact in shaping the thoughts of Thiebaud. He observed this as a quintessential idea for producing works of art

By the first 1960's the paintings he previously produced now started out to gain anxiety, balance, and elegance. He placed the forms first and objects were pushed onward and put in a relevant order. He had been making statements like this with his Neapolitan Pie for years before others but was filled as well as other designers in the Pop Skill period when the movement surfaced. Pop Art work was a custom that challenged the artwork in those days and wanted to show that anything the designer used, that was of mass-production of popular culture could can be linked with fine art. It was widely seen as a reaction and development of the dominating ideas of abstract realism, that was a spontaneous or subconscious creation. Pop Art work does not send directly to the artwork that they made, however the ideas that relocated the whole movements itself. During this time period, Thiebaud also noticed works of art from the initial pop painters Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns whose paintings were based on Abstract Expressionism to Pop Fine art. What Thiebaud does was abandoned most of the ideas that Pop Skill devoted itself to and respond against it, which is surprising since he was seen as a vital part to this period. The work that Thiebaud produced is referred to as "nostalgic views of popular culture and the North american arena with which visitors of all types can easily identify. " Most paintings in the Pop Skill period were more intimidating for those taking a look at the task in museums and sometimes were too severe to appreciate. What Thiebaud said was "I am not a card carrying Pop designer. . . I can't stand much of it. " Pop to him was more of a business than an procedure of honorable painting and he previously too much admiration for the original products that they played off of to be always a part of Pop Artwork. So while this art work period was taking off Thiebaud chosen that he would move ahead and became a professor at U-C Davis.

Another effect of Wayne Theibaud was of Abstract Expressionism, which was occurring in the time he produced work, and can be seen "in the thick brushstrokes and daring use of colour" which was a frequent theme in his works. Thiebaud began to paint images predicated on food that he'd see shown in windows, centering not on what he was painting but more on the form of the things. What impacted his painting this way was his inclination for simple things, borrowing aspects of layouts for ads that he performed while working as a cartoonist and signal painter. His simplicity to his designs could be comprehended and recognized as a way that he needed into his paintings. This would also be about the 1960's and Thiebaud wished to show depictions of the day-to-day American life while exhibiting a new method of art, representational art. Artists such as Stuart Davis and his Odol Bottle and Gerald Murphy and his Security Razor were visions of the coming pop culture time even before Thiebaud commenced to color work that could match it. As Thiebaud prolonged to work influences from other music artists could be observed in his work like the paintings of Giorgio Morandi like his Still Life. Thiebaud long popular Giorgio's work "for his or her contemplative quiet, the palpable sense of protracted looking that they express, and their delicate, varied effects achieved with seemingly little means. " The influence of the was not merely in how Thiebaud organized his work, but also by how he manipulated the light and the poor moving strokes to improve the form of the thing. This facet of manipulating light also was something he used in his signs and works, making a shadow where there is nothing to draw the attention to areas that there would be none of them and giving the work depth. This aspect was also borrowed from the tromp l'oeil (fool the attention) painter John Peto, who colored the Letter Rack, who also was said to have an effect on Thiebaud. Because of this influence, Thiebaud would never have any space of where the thing would leave the page it might be displayed in its entirety exhibiting the viewers that it could not be real. He'd arrange the object in his painting into a shallow space and used shadows, as recently mentioned, to suggest some type of depth without there actually being any depth; tromp l'oeil.

The Neapolitan Pie and all the works Thiebaud has produced got notable affects from his track record and musicians and artists whom he analyzed and who got an influence on what he produced. Thiebaud got a means of dragging his color across his canvas in a clean way that could enhance the luscious textures of petrol and transform itself in to the very subject that he was wanting to portray. This, by the musicians and artists, refers to subject transference and root base may also be tracked to Morandi, but also in artists such as Joaquin Sorolla. He coated objects that are normal placed around anybody as those of Stuart Davis and Gerald Murphy. Thiebaud acquired a solid inclination in painting common objects much sooner than those of the Pop culture movements. When Thiebaud first began to paint these common items though he found it humorous and channeled his cartoonist capabilities along with his row of pies:

"WHENEVER I painted the first row of pies, I can remember resting and laughing - type of a silly relief - 'Now I've flipped out!' The one thing that allowed me to do that was having been a cartoonist. I did one and thought, "That's really crazy, but no-one is going to look at these things anyway, so what the heck. "

However with all of his pastry paintings he dealt with the paint in a manner that makes his work very distinctive. His paintings bring forth a realism of complete visible delight. He made anew the representational subject matter with a daring palette and used his competent screen of brushwork acquired from the Abstract Expressionists he adored.

Wayne Thiebaud copied from the masters because he respected art a lot that he wished to study from those greats that came up before him. What he does was add his own style to it in order to broaden on what he discovered into a different category, to be able to be seen in a new light. He delighted in the works of other fine art times like Abstract Expressionism and Realism and found it as an honour to review an be apart of the artwork movement. He turned down the ideas of the Pop Artwork movement that he was categorized in because he well known the art work they ridiculed too much to make a mockery from it. He was said as feeling honoured that he was able to apply himself and that he became a pressure in the imaginative trend that is still developing today. His work will forever be considered a staple and used as an instrument for artist that come behind him to review study from and intricate on.

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