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William OUTDOOR FURNITURE: Company Analysis


William Garden a small business which began about 20 years earlier with 40 employees based on the research study became extremely popular producing variety of Garden benches and chair and sell to departmental stalls and other garden centres. In the William OUTDOOR FURNITURE, the internal tactical issues and forces that was imparting on the business enterprise in my view are the owner manager's lack of managerial capacities and formal marketing experience, financial problems, communication and publicized functionalities. Williams, (2009)

The review of micro environment is explain as Cosmic examination macro research is explain as Pestle evaluation. Both Micro and Macro environment cover the overall environment of businesses that i more complementary somewhat than contradictory. The study of these environments would enable someone to know the strength, weakness, opportunity and treat of a business.

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Fig1: Micro (Internal) and Macro (Exterior) environment of an business.

When a small business organisation is direct contact with its environment, it is referred to as Micro environment. Micro environment make a difference the usual activities of a company and its elements or internal environment include stores who make a link between the business and the clients. Other components of the micro environment are wholesalers, marketers and the business itself. The business itself consists of owners, panel of directors, shareholders or shareholders and employees. Hence micro environment is a assortment of all the pushes that are near the organization. These forces are very particular to the talked about firm only and can effect the day to day activities and performance of the company but only for a short time.

On the other hands, Macro environment consists of the exterior factors that aren't under the control of the company though they have a strong impart on the company's functioning. Macro environment is the widespread environment within the united states that regulates the working, decision making, strategies and performance of each business groups at the same time. Macro environment is active and as such keeps on altering all the time. The external or macro environment is also called the PESTLE analysis and PESTLE means variables that exit in the environment. These contain Population and Demographics, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal & Political and Environmental analysis and it considers both inexpensive and non-economical factors like cultural concerns, government procedures, families structure, population size, inflation, GDP aspects, income circulation, ethnic mix, politics stability, taxes and duties and everything the rest. The overall environment within the economy that influences the working performance, decision making and strategy of most business groups at the same time is known as macro. This is dynamic in dynamics and therefore continues on changing. In addition, it constitutes those outside the house forces that are not under the control of the firm's but have a powerful impact on the firm's functioning. This consist of individuals, teams, organisations, companies and other yet others with which the firm handles during the course of its business.

Main Distinctions between Micro (Internal) and Macro (Alternative) Environment.

The major variations between micro and macro environment are:

  1. The factors of the micro environment influence a specific business only, however the macro environmental factors affect all the business enterprise entities.
  2. The surroundings, that are in immediate contact with the business is micro environment whilst the surroundings which is not specific or direct in contact to a specific organization but can enable the working of all business cluster is recognized as macro environment.
  3. Whereas macro environment is the exterior environment, micro environment is also known as internal environment of an business.
  4. The micro environmental issues are controllable by the business and on the other macro economic factors aren't controllable.
  5. The basics of the micro environment affect straight and regularly to the organization which is just opposite in the case of the macro environment.

The main economical factors that can have effect on a business are labour, labour cost, interest, government policies, fees and management.

Looking at the research study of the William Garden Furniture, the tactical issues and makes impacting the business was both micro and macro factors. The business was facing micro factors for the reason that for the reason that within the business there is ongoing discontent among the list of workers. When staff are not happy and content with their jobs and start to grumble they leave the job to other areas where they will be content with what they are doing. This means WGF have to recruit and train people to educate people again of course, if the problems persist the company must train new workers frequently. This will affect the money of the company. In my opinion what WGF would need to do is to transfer the functional managers around frequently. Also the employees should be permitted to draw out their grievances for the company to sort out them out. The personnel must also become a member of the union so they can feel safe at the work place. In the case study there were also high levels of sub-standard product profits creating wastage of uncooked materials. With such a challenge WGF will lose money anticipated to wastage, the majority of their clients will also lose assurance in them and stop business with them, Apart from these problems that WGF was facing there were other problems like deteriorating of quality retail outlet, erosion of real progress process and dilapidated status of equipment and equipment. Also the owner director, Martin William was facing problems with his managerial functions. Each one of these problems when i mentioned earlier on were micro (internal) factors impacting on William Garden Furniture.

Small businesses always face genuine distinctive problems. Most of these problems and battles can be attracted from owner manager-related figure and limits, size-related characteristics and constraints, owner manager behaviour, values, motivations. All of these can restrict the use of external financing and he job of additional exterior expertise. Workers, practical professionals and even skills may conclude facing marginal labour market problems. Owner supervisor abilities may be discourage when confronted with fast expansion and inherent new development problems. More also, on the macro (Exterior) factors, in WGF there was lack of guarantee or profit background. This can cause constraints in raising expansion funding, tool and capacity restraints in the company. Each one of these were seen happening in William Garden Furniture. Again in marketing WGF would have difficulty in obtaining market information and going into established syndication ways. Because of the internal and exterior problems WFG is facing, there would be difficulty in pay out or negotiating of short run suppliers at a good price. Such situations can mistake WGF or any small company operation, the benefits in the smallness of operation make a difference future benefits.

According to Owen, Northcutt, Dietz (2015), the key duties of the consultant in every business is to help its clienteles or clients to comprehend the systems to that they belong in other to help them improve some aspects of individual, process and organisational performance. These with a vintage strategy to gather data and offer some type of good interpretation as to its meaning and significance for the business enterprise would be of great help to the business enterprise. William Garden Furniture has been set up for twenty years. They also have 40 employees. The business became well known producing a variety of garden benches, tables and seats. They sell these furniture to departmental stalls and other garden centres. The business enterprise became well known under Martin Williams (The dog owner supervisor) and other efficient professionals management and authority. From the case study the business enterprise became well known and was moving through the phases of growth. There was little assurance in Martin managerial capabilities because of rate of progress. Again there is also little trust issues for those in command roles. I'll perceive WGF didn't value workers viewpoints nor genuinely look after its employers as there is little openness. I believe even if there is human resource in any way, systems were ranked with hostility, in particular when it involves payment and compensation to both workers and clients. I also believe performance management and anticipated process weren't treated properly. Furthermore the business was facing reasonable distinctive problems every small company proceed through during growth. There is battles from Martin in owner related personality and constraints, size-related problems and restrictions, owner manager attitudes, prices and motivations to business from Martin Williams. Around the external factors, there is restricted resources, profits and tax related problems. The business enterprise was influenced by financial problems because the united kingdom economy was also beginning to have growing demands on domestic interest levels. Based on the case study, Martin was alert to the pressure on local interest but powerless to do anything for the reason that the company was extremely dependent on intensive over draft and significant long conditions loans.

Handing over certain responsibilities and power to other people was difficult to Martin due to the fact that he had run and been able the business enterprise for 20 years. These problems taking place at all times induced him sleepless times and finally Martin the business enterprise owner lost expect his business and was uncertain about the business enterprise growth and regretfully became dispirited because the nice reputation of the company had declined and over time the potential for promotional prospect reduced. Financial inconveniences were worse that even though the business needs any borrowings beyond the company money, it was impossible because the business has utilised all its existing business grounds.

According to Coetsee, (2011), if the business has only few employees, the business or company recognizes if the employees are engaged or not. There is usually a distance or a disconnect somewhere between mature management and employers and for organisational effectiveness one must help the business to boost their proposal levels.

Making sure staff are happy, involved and thinking about their work will not just advantage them as well as for a proven link between engaged personnel and organisational performance companies need to take on employee engagement as a proper policy. Study suggest that involved employees perform 20% better, create 19% more of operating income and 16% more profit margin growth. They may be in addition 59% more innovative and 70% more understanding of how to meet customer needs. It take 57% less suffering leave and are 87% less likely to leave their careers. These figures sound spectacular but researchers projected also that fewer number of workers are actively employed whilst more than 20% of staff are positively disengaged.

To be aware and understand the continuing future of management it is essential to first understand the past. One cannot founded a successful future oriented and socially know how business of tomorrow when they don't really understand why new management methods are created. Martin possessed trouble working with change because he could have assumed that his business will be moderately stable, unwavering and reliable, furthermore many owner managers find it difficult and always impracticable to achieve the speed and flexibility required to keep up with or get ahead of changes in the business environment.

According to Worley, Christopher (2011), command word and control organisations and High Engagement Organisations have trouble interacting with speedy change due to the fact that they both assumed that business environment will always be stable. In your brain of most professionals you have the certainty that change is the adversary which by remaining steady and unchanging financial success can be achieved better.

When William Mc Gregor wrote about Theory 'Y', he argues that whenever people get excited about making important decision and given interesting work, they are exceedingly enthusiastic and focused on organisational success. He make clear also that the theory that the control and control organisations (CCOs) were created, decreases the drive of individuals and creates dysfunctional adversarial or rival romance between employees and the business.

In order for William Garden Furniture to be effective, there should be a fresh management strategy. WGF must build a business that values change. Again the staff must have the ability to implement strategies, produces profit, support the welfare of folks and the environment.

WGF must create an environment of sustainable management with business more versatile and lively and more outward looking, more effective and also address the needs of its stakeholders. It must be more innovative and even more proactive where personnel are right down to business on a regular basis. The company through its labor force should continue to be effective, perform effectively in people, income and the planet and really should also practise valuable effective sustainability of the business enterprise.

More also, WGF must generate sustainable effects and take action responsibly towards all its stakeholders by making sure decisions are created with communal and environmental outcomes so that the desire of profit alone does not compress the earth and the employees and the clients as well. Work must be very well considered, management functions, the framework, work process need to gentle the improvement of invention and undertaking teamwork and competence. To accomplish these there must be high degrees of contact between employees and everyone who's concern in the well-being of the company. Also management must take risk, be adaptable and innovative in many ways in order to keep abreast with time. They must put into procedure potentials that maintain and endure to improve. Martin the dog owner manager must allow for the business to be skilful and at the same time professional, hence principles should be created to make a mishmash of public, economical and environmental value by dealing with the companies short term risks and opportunities. Workers must be treated properly since this is vital to the success of the company. Work must be designed and premediated to be adaptable an receptive to change.

Also considering small organizations, from production to fund to personal entrepreneurial marketing, plans are mostly based on contribution on every part of the business enterprise and to be able to achieve success, start-ups business should work in a coordinated way to be able to make use of the business enterprise resources as powerful and expertly as is possible. Decision producers on marketing must replicate and echo the true nationwide or global situation facing the company. Entrepreneurship recently has been analyzed as its own discrete category of business. There has been remarkable and amazing success of some small companies which revealed that entrepreneurship own its group of business with many exclusive braveries, problems and prospects. Due to these challenges and leads, specific approaches for successful entrepreneurship have began to emerge at the same time entrepreneurship have obtained many spot light and contending against larger companies that are better know and more resourceful in the main task facing the businessperson. How can a corporation like William OUTDOOR FURNITURE with its staff of 40, limited budget and a tiny customer base, desire to compete keenly against the giants in their industry? For me, this may be don e by turning their weaknesses into their strengths an d by their very aspect, start-ups companies can be more flexible and untraditional than their major competitors. Whenever a company determines several aspects about their brand image, then it is the time for marketing ideas to be developed. When marketing ideas are developed the company must understand their main quest, who their opponents are and which customers they can target. Also to help an rising business explain their place in the market to be able to set sensible goals, an organization must make a careful self analysis. The sort of business a company aims to be will also influence its marketing decisions. For instance in case a company that transfer fruits like pineapple determines that it will market to noly supermarket stores, it will never use funny viral videos on YouTube to advertise its products.

One the simplest way for emerging companies to explain their brand image in the mind and heart of consumers is by marketing because marketing is a tool that has been open to most businesses inclined to invest in it. Marketing can be an area where business owners do describe an exclusive personality about themselves. For all your clever advertisement that come right out of the internet start-ups for example, Zaphos. com was able to turn a straightforward product enjoys shoes into a nationally recognisable product. Entrepreneurial marketing is focused on a marketing soul that differentiates itself from typical or traditional marketing practises. It includes nothing in connection with many of the fundamental guidelines of marketing because entrepreneurial marketing are usually created for large and more developed companies. Sometimes it utilizes a toolkit of fresh and untraditional marketing practises to help up-and-coming organizations gain a footing in packed markets.


Generally, the most familiar qualities of entrepreneurial marketing are, development, risk taking, and being proactive. Their promotions and promotions try to draw focus on the company's greatest strengths and at the same time emphasise their value to the consumer. Whenever a business targets innovative products, and very good customer support, they stick out from their challengers.


It can be easy to get lost in the audience therefore in competitive market segments the main problems for business owner is to have a good reputation and standing out from other opponents since one can get lost in the crowd. The best way to demonstrate what makes an enterprise exceptional is by marketing in unconventional, new and forceful ways having a focal point on building a physical powerful interconnection between your company brand and consumer or consumer. That is known as romantic relationship marketing. When marketing powerful tools like e-mails and social networking must be carried out to aid marketing work. All marketing attempts must be personalised for the reason that customers are marketed to as individuals. There should be the command word of technology to utilise and connect to customers and a genuine time someone to one marketing with customers.

Furthermore, marketers must make sure there are emails on the internet to become shared and disseminate by customers. Consumers must get involved in fashioning market segments and developing progressive products. To be able words there should be leaders instead of followers. To create one's business successful, fruitful and flourishing and stick out in the audience and be notice the business must explain its customers, offer something new frequently, go to where the customers are available like industry events, events, reading mags and other avenues that will help your business to be nationally and internationally known. There should also be exceptional offers like service delivery to customers entrance doors, 24/7 tech support team to be able to keep the business ahead of competitors. Marketers could utilise inexpensive and handy tools like tweets, facebook webpages, viral videos, instagrams, Skype, email marketing and any marketing strategy to generate very great result for the company.

As a advisor these are the advice and inspirations I am going to share with William Garden Furniture and every other company which come to me for advice to be able to raise their company to the next level.

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